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How Fast is the WordPress Divi Theme?

Divi is one of the most popular multipurpose WordPress themes out there. While Elegant Themes, the developer, doesn’t publish public usage stats, Divi is definitely up there with other big names like Avada. Divi is both a flexible theme and...

/ 17 March 2020
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WordPress Plugin Roundup – January 2020

Each month, we recap the best WordPress plugins that were added or updated within the last 30 days on the WordPress Plugin Directory. Here’s a list of our favorite new or recently-updated plugins for January 2020. 1. BetterDocs – Best...

/ 30 January 2020

12 (WordPress) Web Design Trends 2020 You Should Not Miss Out On

In the following, we will try to make some predictions about the web design trends coming to WordPress and the Internet at large in 2020. Want to know what to get ready for? Then just keep reading. Web Design Trends...

/ 24 January 2020

5 reasons why your site isn’t showing up on Google

You’ve done all the hard work — got a hosting package, installed WordPress, picked a nice theme and wrote some content. You hit publish on your first post. Time to rake in that traffic, right? But, when looking for your...

/ 14 January 2020

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing WordPress Plugins

As a WordPress developer, mistakes are part of the process. Successful plugin development, especially when you’re new to it, involves a bit of trial and error. Even seasoned developers are bound to mess up occasionally. Unfortunately, some missteps can result...

/ 8 January 2020

Another Year Under the Sun ?

Each new year, the world gets a little bit older…and so do we. This end to an era nudges us to take a step back and reflect on “how we’re doing” – to consider what we’ve accomplished, to evaluate the...

/ 6 January 2020

A Guide to WordPress PHP

Looking to understand WordPress PHP? In this post, we’ll unpack what PHP is and how it works with WordPress. Understanding PHP and how it integrates with WordPress will help with site maintenance, troubleshooting errors and WordPress development in general. What...

/ 1 January 2020

4 Ways to Customize Your WordPress Admin Dashboard (To Benefit You and Your Clients)

When you’re creating WordPress sites for clients, it’s important to keep their experiences in mind. Crowded dashboards can often be confusing. Plus, chances are your clients don’t need access to all the functionality you use. Customizing the admin dashboard lets...

/ 31 December 2019

Google Site Kit Review – Improve Your WordPress Site Hassle-free

If you own a WordPress site (and why else would you be here), chances are good that it is connected to at least one Google product. To check on your traffic and SEO efforts, this might be Google Search Console,...

/ 17 December 2019

5 Causes of a Slow WordPress Site (And How to Fix Them)

Your site’s speed plays a major role in its performance, and therefore its success. WordPress sites with slow loading and response times are not only frustrating; they can also hurt your business. The trick lies in identifying the reason your...

/ 8 December 2019

Updating Old Content: The Secret SEO Weapon You Are Not Using

Do you ever ask yourself what to do with old blog posts? It often seems like most people solely focus on creating new stuff, however, updating old content and refreshing existing pages is another great strategy to improve the SEO...

/ 6 December 2019

News from Firefox on Mobile, Private Network and Desktop

As the year comes to a close, we look back at what we’ve accomplished. As recently noted in the press, this year may be the mark of our privacy-renaissance. We’ve built additional privacy protections in the browser which included blocking...

/ 5 December 2019