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Customizing Photoshop CS2 Menus

Photoshop CS2 is, in my humble opinion, the most user-friendly version to date. The farther I get into this software the more I find that is geared to making this not only a fantastic tool

Portrait Toning Adjustments

Sometimes the lighting for an image is just a little bit off. Perhaps it’s unbalanced, or there’s a shadow, maybe an unwanted highlight.You can use Photoshop’s Brush tool to even things up. (This technique is


Bleeds and Crop Marks from Photoshop

Page layout programs, such as InDesign, and illustration programs, like Illustrator, can easily handle “bleeds” and can automatically place crop marks.  In Photoshop, you can use Print with Preview’s crop marks and bleed options, or


Printing Separations in Color

It’s easy to see individual channels in color in Photoshop’s Channels palette–simply select “Color Channels in Color” in Preferences> Display & Cursors. But what if you want to print the channels in color, say as


Select Hair by Using Channels

Selecting fly-away hair can be one of the toughest assignments in Photoshop. The Extract command can be helpful. Third-party plug-ins, such as Mask Pro ( and KnockOut (, are great. But sometimes the easiest way