Category: VMware

VM Storage Profiles and Storage DRS – Part 2 – Distributed VMs

Mentioned in part-1 of the Storage DRS and VM Storage Profiles series, Storage DRS expects “storage characteristics –alike” datastores inside a single datastore cluster. But what if you have multiple tiers of storage and you want to span the virtual...

/ 19 September 2012

VM Storage Profiles and Storage DRS – Part 1

In my previous article about how to configure storage profiles using the web client I stated that different storage profiles could be assigned to a single virtual machine. Storage profiles can be used together with Storage DRS. Let’s take a...

/ 18 September 2012

VMworld Europe Sessions

At VMworld Europe I will participate in Meet the Expert sessions, Group discussions and three breakout sessions. Here’s an overview of my public schedule.I hope to see you all in my sessions or participate in the group discussions. Or schedule...

/ 18 September 2012