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vCD Extender – Warm Migration Video

This will be my last post on vCD Extender – an exciting addition to vCloud Director and wanted to provide a comprehensive look at Extender’s functionality. Link to vCD Extender Warm Migration Setup – Part 1 of 2 Link to...

/ 8 November 2017

vCD Extender – Warm Migration Demonstration

Continuation of vCD Extender Setup – Part 1 and Part 2 Now you’re ready for your first migration. Going back to my high-level diagram, I will be migrating WebApp2 to the Provider vCD environment and ensuring connectivity is available over...

/ 5 November 2017

vCD Extender – Warm Migration Setup – 2 of 2

Continuation of vCD Extender – Warm Migration Setup – 1 of 2 3. Configure L2 Appliance configuration inside of tenant Extender Appliance Alright, now we are ready to set up the DC Extension on the tenant side. First, we need...

/ 5 November 2017

vCD 9 – Metadata to control Edge Placement

With vCD9 now GA, I can post this! One of the things our team has been diligently working on is the ability to specify a host cluster to be an edge cluster for edge deployments. This is a recommended design...

/ 29 September 2017

We are now desensitized by technology.

This is a little bit of a rant, but it’s very evident as of late and wanted to share my opinion regarding this matter. I have fully realized we are now desensitized by technology. This became very evident at the...

/ 13 September 2017

Kindle Ebook Host Deep Dive Available

Funny enough I’ve just published an article announcing the major milestone of 4000 hard copies sold within the first month of release. I just received confirmation that the Kindle e-book version is available at the Amazon Kindle Store. It is...

/ 24 July 2017


Thank you for visiting my new fangled blog. I’ll be discussing quite a few things in the tech and firearms industry. Stay posted for a vCloud Availability for vCloud Director post soon – getting quite a bit of exciting feedback....

/ 30 June 2017

Why the Recent Reported Intel HT Bug is Not in Your Data Center

Yesterday I tweeted out the warning message about the HT bug of Skylake and Kaby Lake processors posted on tweet got a LOT of retweets. A lot replied with concerns about their systems. I believe most Data Centers will...

/ 26 June 2017

Host not Ready Error When Installing NSX Agents

Management summary: Make sure your NSX Controller is connected a distributed vSwitch instead of the standard vSwitchDuring the install process of NSX, my environment refused to install the NSX agents on the host. When you prepare the host clusters for...

/ 4 November 2016

VMworld Geek Whisperers Podcast – Choosing Titles You Want To Have

Amy Lewis asked me to appear on the Geek Whisperers Live podcast at VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas. And as always I had a blast discussing various topics with Amy, Matt, and John. In this talk, we spoke about becoming...

/ 21 September 2016

NUMA Deep Dive Part 4: Local Memory Optimization

If a cache miss occurs, the memory controller responsible for that memory line retrieves the data from RAM. Fetching data from local memory could take 190 cycles, while it could take the CPU a whopping 310 cycles to load the...

/ 13 July 2016

NUMA Deep Dive Part 1: From UMA to NUMA

Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) is a shared memory architecture used in today’s multiprocessing systems. Each CPU is assigned its own local memory and can access memory from other CPUs in the system. Local memory access provides a low latency – high...

/ 7 July 2016