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VMworld 2021 – Why Multi-Cloud Matters for Cloud Providers

Just in a few short weeks, we will be kicking off our next VMworld event in digital form. In this post, I’d like to discuss why it’s important to attend this year’s event, especially for our VMware partner and cloud...

/ 1 September 2021

Infrastructure Certificate Handling Changes in VMware Cloud Director 10.3

With the release of VMware Cloud Director 10.3, there are several new additions and enhancements to this self-service platform. I’d like to talk about some of the continued security and certificate changes that one must be aware of before upgrading...

/ 19 July 2021

Using Customer Monthly Reporting in Usage Meter 4.4

With the release of vCloud Usage Meter 4.4, we have re-introduced Customer Monthly Reporting inside of Usage Meter and Usage Insight. In this post, I will walk through some of the newer capabilities and differences with this level of granular...

/ 17 May 2021

Using VMware Cloud Director Sizing Policies for SAP HANA Workloads

One of newer additions to VMware Cloud Director (VCD) is the ability to use a VM sizing policy – or VDC Compute Policy – to provide granular resource control on a per VM basis. In this post, I will review...

/ 15 December 2020

VMware vCloud Usage Meter 4.3 Deployment Guide

In this blog post, I will show all of the steps required to operationalize vCloud Usage Meter 4.3, or UM, within your data center. With the end of availability of Usage Meter 3.6.1, it is imperative that all VMware Cloud...

/ 1 December 2020

VMware Cloud Director 10.2 – SSL Management and Public Address Configuration

With the release of VMware Cloud Director (VCD) 10.2, I wanted to review how SSL management has changed. In this blog post, I will highlight the new SSL functionality and securing a new VCD 10.2 instance. Introduction First, certificate management...

/ 20 October 2020

VMworld 2020 – Top Cloud Provider Sessions

VMworld is this week! While I am sad I cannot see many of you in person, I wanted to spend some time to review a few sessions that are rather pertinent for our global cloud providers. I am going to...

/ 28 September 2020

VMware Cloud Director – Changing the Organization VDC Allocation Model

In this blog post, I am going to discuss the capability of changing the allocation model of an organization virtual data center (oVDC) within VMware Cloud Director (VCD). Introduction to Allocation Models To set the stage on this topic, VCD...

/ 5 August 2020

What’s Your Favorite Tech Novel?

Today I was discussing with Duncan some great books to read. Disconnecting fully from work is difficult for me, so typically, the books I read are tech-related. I have read some brilliant books that I want to share with you,...

/ 30 July 2020

VMware Cloud Director Availability and Usage Meter 4.2 – Automatic Metering and Reporting

In this post, I will discuss how automatic metering and reporting by VMware Usage Meter 4.2 works with VMware Cloud Director Availability. Cloud Director Availability Enhancements With version 4.0, VMware Cloud Director Availability (VCDA) introduced enhancements that detect if a...

/ 29 July 2020

VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.0 – What’s New and SLA Profile Review

I am happy to announce that VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.0, formerly known as vCloud Availability, is now available. It’s been an honor to work closely with the team on seeing these releases come to fruition. VCDA 4.0 – Download...

/ 2 June 2020

60 Minutes of NUMA VMworld Session Commands

Verify Distribution of Memory Modules with PowerCLI Get-CimInstance -CimSession $Session CIM_PhysicalMemory | select BankLabel, Description, @{n=‘Capacity in GB';e={$_.Capacity/1GB}} PowerCLI Script to Detect Node Interleaving Get-VMhost | select @{Name="Host Name";Expression={$_.Name}}, ?@{Name="CPU Sockets";Expression={$_.ExtensionData.Hardware.CpuInfo.NumCpuPackages}}, ?@{Name="NUMA Nodes";Expression={$_.ExtensionData.Hardware.NumaInfo.NumNodes}} Action-Affinity Monitoring Sched-Stats -t numa-migration Disable Action...

/ 27 August 2019