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8 Artists Who Embraced Their Gift to Inspire Change

Share this: Discover why the most famous artists known are those who had a singular vision, and devoted their life’s work with passion and persistence. Cave drawings are proof positive that art has been around pretty much since some of...

/ 22 June 2021

All Hail Cats: It’s a Cat’s World, We’re Just Living in It

Share this: Move over dog! It’s time for the cat to shine. These motley monsters have ruled the earth for millenniums. Let’s give them their fair shake. Let’s face it, dogs have had better PR than cats. Ever since the...

/ 22 June 2021

Prepare Your Video for Social Exports with These Simple Steps

Share this: Demystify the process of preparing your videos for social exports so you can start posting to all of your channels. To the social media manager’s dismay, each social media platform tends to have a slightly different requirement for...

/ 22 June 2021

Life Sciences Companies Can Unlock Access to Shutterstock Images From Veeva Vault PromoMats

Share this: Teams can now easily search and share licensed creative Shutterstock images directly from Vault PromoMats, Veeva’s compliant, commercial content and Digital Asset Management solution. For marketers and creatives across the Life Sciences industry, developing a strong brand that...

/ 22 June 2021

An Interview with Addictive Creative Founder Victor Torres

Share this: Pandemic or no pandemic, relevancy is an issue in photography. Photographer Victor Torres discusses how Addictive Creative accomplishes this. Victor Torres is heading out of town this weekend, and that’s a big deal in Spain. Torres spent most...

/ 21 June 2021

The 10 Best Up-and-Coming Filmmakers to Follow on TikTok

Share this: Find filmmaking inspiration and advice by following these ten creative, up-and-coming filmmakers on TikTok. As we’ve covered before, the filmmakers of tomorrow are on TikTok today. And, while that might seem frustrating (or, at least, odd) to many...

/ 18 June 2021

Mark Surman joins the Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors

In early 2020, I outlined our efforts to expand Mozilla’s boards. Over the past year, we’ve added three new external Mozilla board members: Navrina Singh and Wambui Kinya to the Mozilla Foundation board and Laura Chambers to the Mozilla Corporation...

/ 20 April 2021

Expanding Mozilla’s Boards

I’m delighted to share that the Mozilla Foundation and Corporation Boards are each welcoming a new member. Wambui Kinya is Vice President of Partner Engineering at Andela, a Lagos-based global talent network that connects companies with vetted, remote engineers from...

/ 18 February 2021

What Vitamins, Supplements and Nutraceuticals Brands Must Know About Establishing A Loyalty Program

As a vitamins, supplements, and nutraceuticals eCommerce retailer, if you’re missing a loyalty program, then you’re missing a lot. In today’s day and age, loyalty programs give a unique opportunity for eCommerce stores to form deeper, closer relationships with their...

/ 11 February 2021

Next steps on trustworthy AI: transparency, bias and better data governance

Over the last few years, Mozilla has turned its attention to AI, asking: how can we make the data driven technologies we all use everyday more trustworthy? How can we make things like social networks, home assistants and search engines...

/ 10 February 2021

5 Reasons Why Customer Reviews Drive Sales for Auto Aftermarket Sites

Visibility leads to Trust. Trust leads to Engagement. Engagement leads to Sales. Customer reviews play an increasingly impactful role in the success and online presence of auto aftermarket eCommerce stores. In recent months we’ve discussed customer reviews and recommended extensions...

/ 2 February 2021

January Orange Report

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/ 20 January 2021