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Do you know these interesting programming languages features?

As you know, in the Pragmatic Programmer, section Your Knowledge Portfolio, it is said that Learn at least one new language every year. Different languages solve the same problems in different ways. By learning several

Zulip – Most Productive Chat Application for Group or Team Chat

Zulip is an open source, powerful and easily extendable group or team chat application powered by Electron and React Native. It runs on every major operating system: Linux, Windows, MacOS; Android, iOS, and also...

Tech Backs Away From Saudis After Journalist’s Alleged Murder

Silicon Valley executives suspended participation in a Saudi advisory committee and cancelled plans to attend a high-profile conference.

To Curb Climate Change, Tax Carbon—Then Give Americans the Money

Opinion: This Big Oil-backed climate tax is something Republicans and Democrats can agree on.

Founder Interview: Dr. Vaisagh Viswanathan of

Learn how Dr. Viswanathan and his team took their AI chatbot platform for recruiters from $0 to over $22,000 in MRR. What’s your background and what are you working on? My name is Vaisagh, but

How to Enable and Monitor PHP-FPM Status in Nginx

PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation that comes with a number of extra features useful for websites of any size, particularly sites that receive high traffic. It is commonly used...

Pocket Offers New Features to Help People Read, Watch and Listen across iOS, Android and Web

We know that when you save something to Pocket, there is a reason why. You are saving something you want to learn about, something that fascinates you, something that will help shape and change you.

Magic Links :

But How does it work? How can you make such a system? Well now you know what exactly is a magic link, and what it can do for you. But you don’t exactly know how does

4 Useful Tools to Run Commands on Multiple Linux Servers

In this article, we will show how to run commands on multiple Linux servers at the same time. We will explain how to use some of the widely known tools designed to execute repetitive...

IBM Joins Fight Over Pentagon Cloud Contract Favoring Amazon

Rivals complain that specs for a potential $10 billion contract favor Amazon.

Announcing a Competition for Ethics in Computer Science, with up to $3.5 Million in Prizes

The Responsible Computer Science Challenge — by Omidyar Network, Mozilla, Schmidt Futures, and Craig Newmark Philanthropies — calls on professors to integrate ethics into undergraduate computer science courses With great code comes great responsibility. Today,

How to List Compiled and Installed PHP Modules in Linux

If you have installed a number of PHP extensions or modules on your Linux system and you trying to find out a particular PHP module has been installed or not, or you simply want...

Google Duplex, the Human-Sounding Phone Bot, Comes to the Pixel

The bot, which speaks with uncanny speech disfluencies like “um” and “umm-hmm,” will be made available select Pixel smartphones before the end of the year.

How sports teams, athletes and fans reap the rewards of big data

The sports industry is booming. Just one look at the stats?—?KPMG found that the global sports market is worth $600-$700 billion annually with a growth rate that outpaces the GDP of most countries?—?and it’s clear

What Are The Most Promising Coins in Late 2018?

Following NYU Professor David Yermack’s Criteria for Evaluating Cryptocurrencies Image credit: | CC BY 2.0 Nine years ago, the digital revolution started as a novelty and has grown to be the most discussed topic in

How to Use Fail2ban to Secure Your Linux Server

Improving your server security should be one of your top priorities, when it comes to managing a linux server. By reviewing your server logs, you may often find different attempts for brute force login,...

Can the FCC Really Block California’s Net Neutrality Law?

A lawsuit raises novel questions about the relationship between the federal government and the states.

How I introduced an information radiator to my distributed Scrum teams

Remote developer Companies are increasingly hiring remote engineers to battle the talent shortage. Having been an engineering VP for the past 8 years, I can attest to this first hand. Almost every team I’ve worked

How to Administrate the Apache Web Server Using “Apache GUI” Tool

Apache Web Server is one of the most popular HTTP server on Internet today, due to its open source nature, rich modules and features and can run on almost major platforms and operating systems....

After Troubles in Myanmar, Facebook Charges Ahead in Africa

Activists say Facebook has learned lessons from its experience in developing countries, but they question its ability, and willingness, to control misinformation and hate speech.