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Replace – Helpful linux command reference

The replace command is a very simple but VERY powerful command that comes as part of mysql. It can be used to quickly replace entries within a group of files. Generally I find it useful


What is kernel panic and what to do about it

Found an interessting post on the cPanel forum and though it might be of use for some, this is a sumary of the content: What is kernel panic on a Linux server ? Andy explains:


Installing ImageMagick 6.3.8 on a cPanel Server

This tutorial will give you a little step by step manual of how to upgrade and properly install ImageMagick on you cPanel server without having to manually compile Apache More Stuff CentOS Pulse Newsletter, September


Linux as a Tool for Windows Hardware Errors

In this article, Rais offers insights why Windows hardware failures may be causing some to update or replace devices that are still operational. Instead, he shows how powerful a tool Linux can be in tracking


Linux / Unix Command Library: ps and kill – The Arnold Schwarzenegger equivalent

Even on Linux it sometimes happens that processes wear out their welcome and stick around longer than you would like them to. They simply ignore your request to close up and go away. Fortunately you


APF firewall. Daily automated email showing firewall status

Charles Sweeney writes : This is how to get your server to send you a daily email showing the status of your APF firewall. In other words, letting you know if it’s running or not!


Linux: hot to get more info on your CPU

If you need more info on your CPU performance just simply run this shell command: cat /proc/cpuinfo More Stuff Tech Workers Unite to Fight Forced Arbitration Tech workers may be new to labor organizing, but


10 Tips for making cPanel / WHM servers more secure

Please note that these tips are suggestions only and cPanel takes no responsibility for modifications to individual servers, or the security practices of individual servers. Server security is a collection of compromises, as any server


Are You A Closet FrontPage User?

By Mark Daoust : In webmaster circles, fessing up to being a FrontPage user is akin to inviting your mother as your date to your senior prom: you just don’t do it. In fact, admitting


OSCommerce Security Upgrades

An update to the osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 version has been released that addresses security related issues and bug reports that exist in the released version. More Stuff Video: Building Modern Apps with API Services


This is a list of insecure Joomla modules , please delete or upgrade

This is a list of 3rd party Joomla components with known vulnerabilities that will allow hackers access to your site. If you are using any of the following compnents please upgrade or remove the component


Securing your Joomla Website

In addition to understanding the threats, and implementing general defensive strategies, it is important to know more specific details about security in Joomla, as well some specific examples of how to implement security strategies. More


Mambo 4.5.4 Security Patch 2 Released

Team Mambo has just released Security Patch 2 for Mambo version 4.5.4. This patch fixes a number of security vulnerabilities and provides some additional hardening of the application. It is recommended that everyone apply this


Running OSCommerce with register_global=OFF and Safe_mode=ON

How to modify your osCommerce master file in Fantastico to make it work server default with php Safe_Mode = ON and register_global = OFF As the World-Wide-Web is turning more and more into the Wild-Wild-Web