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Quick Fix – Issues Upgrading VCSA due to Password Expiration

2020 Update: It seems as though this issue also pops up if doing a major version upgrade of the VCSA through the migration option. I was getting this error upon source appliance validation. A problem

Quick Fix: vSphere with Tanzu – No Default StorageClass set

Over the past few weeks I’ve posted a couple of articles that should help people new to vSphere with Tanzu. There are some common hurdles that can pop up. I’ve now deployed it in a


Release: Mozilla’s Greenhouse Gas emissions baseline

When we launched our Environmental Sustainability Programme in March 2020, we identified three strategic goals: Reduce and mitigate Mozilla’s organisational impact; Train and develop Mozilla staff to build with sustainability in mind; Raise awareness for


The State of Modern App Delivery 2020: Results from Our Annual User Survey

As a company with its roots in the open source community, we’ve always relied on input from community members, as well as our customers, to help us choose and prioritize new features and enhancements. One


Insights into the WHY around Kubernetes Backup with Kasten

Veeam acquired Kasten last month and for those that maybe wondering why a lot of us internal to Veeam are super excited about this taking place I thought I would get Kasten’s Co-Founder, Niraj Tolia


Quick Fix: vSphere with Tanzu – virtualmachineimages No resources found in namespace

Quick Fix: vSphere with Tanzu – virtualmachineimages No resources found in namespace – VIRTUALIZATION IS LIFE!


Quick Fix: vSphere with Tanzu – no persistent volumes available for this claim and no storage class

I’ve been grappling with vSphere with Tanzu for the past week or so and while I haven’t completely nailed how things operate end to end in this new world, i’ve been able to get to


Congrats to the Winners of the NGINX for Good Hackathon

At NGINX, we’ve always been focused on serving and engaging with the open source community where we have our roots. Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important to give back to our communities, locally as


Three Key Takeaways from NGINX’s AMA Panel During AnsibleFest 2020

As modern applications continue to take center stage in today’s world, automation has become the driving force that helps every organization – not just the big players – deliver the rich digital experiences that consumers have come


Bridging the App Modernization Gap, Part 1

A lot of my work today is helping enterprises to develop and modernize their data strategy. Why? Because although it is clear to many of them that data is increasingly a key business asset, they


Why Speed Matters in Modern APIs

Less than a decade ago, if you had asked me whether API speed is important, I wouldn’t have given it much thought at all. I have worked with APIs for a long time, but usually


The Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting Control Panels

A web hosting control panel is a web-based interface provided by a web hosting service that allows users to manage their servers and hosted services. Web hosting control panels usually include numerous additiona modules to