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How to Install Asterisk on CentOS 7

Asterisk is an open source framework used for building communication applications. You can use it to turn a local computer or server to communication server. It is used to power IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and other solutions....

/ 24 October 2018

Install Plex Media Server on CentOS 7

Streaming media becomes more and more popular in recent years. Many people like to access their audio and video media from different locations and devices. With Plex Media Server you can easily achieve exactly that (and more) on practically any...

/ 15 October 2018

How to Use Fail2ban to Secure Your Linux Server

Improving your server security should be one of your top priorities, when it comes to managing a linux server. By reviewing your server logs, you may often find different attempts for brute force login, web floods, exploit seeking and many...

/ 9 October 2018

CentOS Pulse Newsletter, September 2018 (#1804)

Dear CentOS enthusiast, Here's what's been happening in the past month at CentOS Releases and Updates The following releases and updates happened in August. For each update, the given URL provides the upstream notes about the change. Releases We're pleased...

/ 8 September 2018

CentOS Dojo at, August 16th in Boston

CentOS Dojo at, August 16th in Boston Thursday , 17, May 2018 Rich Bowen announcement This year, will be held at Boston University, August 17th through 19th. We've secured some space on the day before - Thursday, August...

/ 18 May 2018


Another FOSDEM is history. I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the people that helped out at the CentOS table at FOSDEM, as well as at the Dojo before FOSDEM. We had about 75 people in attendance...

/ 7 February 2018

SuperComputing17 Denver, #PoweredByCentOS

SC17, the largest SuperComputing event in the world, was held in Denver, Colorado, November 12 through 17th. I was lucky enough to attend the event as a representative of the CentOS community. While there, I spoke with dozens of organizations...

/ 28 November 2017

No! Don’t turn off SELinux!

One of the daily activities of the CentOS Community Lead is searching the Internet looking for new and interesting content about CentOS that we can share on the @CentOSProject Twitter account, or Facebook, Google +, or Reddit. There's quite a bit...

/ 28 July 2017

HPC Student Cluster Competition, Frankfurt, Germany

Last week, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I was in Frankfurt, Germany, for the ISC High Performance Computing conference. The thing that grabbed my attention, more than anything else, was the Student Cluster Competition.  11 teams from around the...

/ 28 June 2017

Continuous integration tests for the CentOS Vagrant images

Continuous integration tests for the CentOS Vagrant images Thursday , 1, September 2016 Lauren?iu P?ncescu cico Since yesterday, we have production-ready automated tests for our Vagrant images on, fully integrated with GitHub. We were only able to build and...

/ 2 September 2016

Badges Badges Badges: Reporting CICO Job Status across the Web

Badges Badges Badges: Reporting CICO Job Status across the Web Friday , 24, June 2016 bstinson ci, cico, t_functional Testing your software project is important. Effectively communicating your test results to those that consume your project comes in a close...

/ 25 June 2016

CentOS 7 with GlusterFS on AArch64

CentOS 7 with GlusterFS on AArch64 Monday , 18, May 2015 Jim Perrin arm Initially I meant for this to be a much more in-depth blog post about running GlusterFS on AArch64 hardware, but honestly it's been ridiculously easyto get...

/ 19 May 2015