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Amazon vs. Google: Decoding the World’s Largest E-commerce Search Engine

Posted by 54 percent of product searches now taking place on Amazon, it’s time to take it seriously as the world’s largest search engine for e-commerce. In fact, if we exclude YouTube as part of Google, Amazon is technically the...

/ 3 September 2019

Search Intent: How to Effectively Use it for Your Business

Search intent is the key to creating content your audience absolutely loves. You may think you’ve already got this covered by targeting certain key phrases, but keyword research alone doesn’t reveal one important aspect – the “why”. Why is your...

/ 1 August 2019
Video Marketing Strategy

The ABCs of Video Content: How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy

Posted by video marketing can generate real results, but many simply assume they can’t afford it. Talent. Most small marketing teams don’t have people experienced with creating or starring in videos. Buy-in. Companies that use video well have many people...

/ 25 July 2019

6 Tips From Experts on Optimizing Websites for Google’s Lighthouse 3.0 Speed Tests

So much SEO advice focuses on aspects of optimization around content strategy, outreach, and competitor tracking. But even the best backlinks can’t replace a fast and easy-to-use website. Even though site speed has been considered a ranking factor for nearly...

/ 25 July 2019

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Meta Tags

Posted by meta tag resource you should check out if you’re interested in everything that’s out there. It’s important to note that in 2019, you meta tags still matter, but not all of them can help you. It’s my experience,...

/ 24 July 2019

The Real Impact of Mobile-First Indexing & The Importance of Fraggles

Posted by What the Heck are Fraggles. How Fraggles & Fraggle-based indexing works with JavaScript Google’s desire to index Native Apps and Web Apps, including single-page apps, has necessitated Google’s switch to indexing based on Fragments and Fraggles, rather than...

/ 17 July 2019

How to Boost Content Linkability Without Wasting Your Marketing Budget

Though I personally don’t work with client’s who throw around millions of dollars, that doesn’t affect the quality of services that I provide. My average client wants to get the maximum by spending as little as possible. It might sound like a...

/ 11 July 2019

The Complete Guide to Google My Business for Website Owners

When trying to do local SEO and increase the visibility of your local business, learning how to use Google My Business (GMB) is a good step. The service helps you stand out in (local) searches, is a great inbound marketing...

/ 11 July 2019

Starting From Scratch: How to Generate Traffic For a Brand New WordPress Site

Since WordPress allows pretty much anyone to build a website, the playing field for starting a web venture is pretty level. However, while all sites start from the same place, it’s what happens after the initial launch that determines whether...

/ 1 July 2019

How to Conduct a Backlink Audit for Your Site (In 4 Steps)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a balancing act. In order to rank well, you need to account for on-page factors such as titles and keywords, as well as off-page considerations like your server’s performance. Plus, you’ll need to keep an...

/ 21 June 2019

7 Proven SEO Reporting Best Practices That Boost Client Retention

Posted by reporting is the devil. Hear me out though… have you ever thought of reporting as a client retention tool? While reporting is something that takes your time away from SEO work that moves the needle, reporting is also...

/ 21 May 2019

10 Basic SEO Tips to Index + Rank New Content Faster – Whiteboard Friday

Howdy, Moz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. I’m Cyrus Shepard, back in front of the whiteboard. So excited to be here today. We’re talking about ten tips to index and rank new content faster. You publish some...

/ 17 May 2019