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What are sponsored, nofollow and ugc links, and why use them?

Links are an important part of SEO. Without links, Google (or other search engines) may not discover your pages, or might not think that they’re important. Sometimes, though, you might want Google not to follow a link. Or you might...

/ 24 June 2020

5 reasons why your site isn’t showing up on Google

You’ve done all the hard work — got a hosting package, installed WordPress, picked a nice theme and wrote some content. You hit publish on your first post. Time to rake in that traffic, right? But, when looking for your...

/ 14 January 2020

Updating Old Content: The Secret SEO Weapon You Are Not Using

Do you ever ask yourself what to do with old blog posts? It often seems like most people solely focus on creating new stuff, however, updating old content and refreshing existing pages is another great strategy to improve the SEO...

/ 6 December 2019

Social Media Marketing Tools : The top 5 social media marketing tools to boost your campaigns

No matter what you do – if you are a marketeer, a product owner, a local business, affiliate marketeer or have an online ecommerce business social media marketing tools can enhance your posts when used correctly. Here are the top...

/ 5 December 2019

6 Things to know about Keyword research for website and social media and what you need to know

I uncover how keywords are identified by search engines and 6 things you should know about using keywords on your digital platforms. To register for the Social Media Playbook course here: or to find out more visit my website:...

/ 2 December 2019

Google Search Algorithms: Why they are important for your business and why you should care

Google search is a powerful tool and the internet is a massive place. Google helps you find what you are searching for. That’s why I uncover Google search algorithms and why they’re important for your business or personal brand. To...

/ 1 December 2019

How We Grew Blog Traffic by 650% in Two Years — Organically

Posted by Moz Keyword Explorer and Keyword Planner) and social research (Buzzsumo). This process gave us direction on which messaging resonated with different audiences and how we would distribute our content. Sometimes we wrote posts to answer search queries. Other...

/ 7 October 2019

Custom Extraction Using an SEO Crawler for CRO and UX Insights – Whiteboard Friday

Posted by MozCon 2019 presentation, Killer CRO and UX Wins Using an SEO Crawler. Video Transcription Hey, Moz. What’s up? Wow, can I just say it’s incredible I’m here in Seattle right now doing a Whiteboard Friday? I can’t wait...

/ 4 October 2019

6 Ways to Get More Organic Traffic, Without Ranking Your Website

I argued Google appears to be ranking websites heavily based on searcher intent — this is more true now than ever. In fact, it might be algorithmically impossible to get your website on top of the SERPs. If you find your...

/ 30 September 2019

Google’s Layout Changes and What They Mean for Your SEO

Google likes to mix it up. From constant algorithm changes to its RankBrain AI, there is always news out of Mountain View. Another thing that has changed a lot over time is the layout of the SERPs or Search Engine...

/ 26 September 2019

How to Automate Pagespeed Insights For Multiple URLs using Google Sheets

Posted by PageSpeed) as one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages, it’s important to have that insight down to the page level. One of the pain points in website performance optimization, however, is the lack of...

/ 17 September 2019

How to Use Keywords in Your Blogging Strategy

Posted by Moz Keyword Explorer will do the trick! This tool allows you to find new keyword ideas two main ways: by typing in a word or a phrase and getting back related keywords (the “Explore by Keyword” feature): …or...

/ 6 September 2019