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Integrating Fortanix Self-Defending KMS with NGINX and NGINX Plus

If you have a large number of NGINX servers, it can be a challenge to manage their TLS keys and certificates. One solution is to manage them centrally with a key management system (KMS), one

A look at password security, Part IV: WebAuthn

As discussed in part III, public key authentication is great in principle but in practice has been hard to integrate into the Web environment. However, we’re now seeing deployment of a new technology called WebAuthn


Why Would a Hacker Attack My Website?

This is a common question you might ask when your worst nightmare starts coming true. Why would a hacker attack my website? Rest assured, the chances of the attack being personal are slim to none.


The Evolution of VMware Horizon for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployments of Virtual Desktops and Applications

Today we announced the general availability of the latest major update to VMware Horizon with Horizon 8. Current events have accelerated the deployment and consumption of virtual desktops and applications across many industries adapting to


5 Strategies for Return-to-Office

Aug 10, 2020 Author: Kelly Masters Kelly Masters is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for the VMware Workspace ONE platform, working with partners and customers across the globe to drive digital transformation. Kelly has a


Securing Your Apps in Kubernetes with NGINX App Protect

Businesses know they need to bring services and applications to market quickly because if they don’t, a competitor surely will. But web applications are prime targets for cyberattacks, and updating them fast and furiously increases


Retiring Horizon Client for UWP

Jul 28, 2020 Author: Kristina De Nike Kristina De Nike is a product line manager for VMware EUC. In addition to her current responsibilities for Horizon Clients, she has worked on VMware Horizon FLEX and


A look at password security, Part III: More secure login protocols

In part II, we looked at the problem of Web authentication and covered the twin problems of phishing and password database compromise. In this post, I’ll be covering some of the technologies that have been


Agile Perimeter Security with NGINX App Protect

In the context of computer security, the perimeter is a conceptual line that establishes a “zone of trust” for applications and other infrastructure components inside it. In traditional infrastructure environments using a castle-and-moat approach, the


Wandera enriches VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network to enable Unified Security for Enterprises

VMware’s Workspace ONE Trust Network was conceptualized around the core idea of bringing best of breed security solutions together to give customers a comprehensive security solution without any compromise. Today, we are excited to announce


How to Protect Your WordPress Site from Brute Force Attacks

Brute force attacks are a real and very scary threat for WordPress users. If someone else manages to figure out your username and password, your site could be defaced or have all its content wiped


DDoS Attacks Explained: What You Need to Know to Prevent Them

Every growing website needs to be aware of DDoS attacks, and other common threats that can quickly take down an unprotected server. They can be devastating if you don’t know what’s going on or how