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How to Convert WordPress MySQL Database Tables from MyISAM to InnoDB

MySQL Performance: MyISAM vs InnoDB A major factor in database performance is the storage engine used by the database, and more specifically, its tables. Different storage engines provide better performance in one situation over another. For general use, there are...

/ 28 April 2019

How to Reset Root Password in MySQL 8.0

In an unfortunate event of forgetting or losing your MySQL root password, you will surely need a way to recover it somehow. What we need to know is that the password is stored in the users table. This means that...

/ 1 March 2019

How to Transfer All MySQL Databases From Old to New Server

Transferring or Migrating a MySQL/MariaDB database between servers usually takes only few easy steps, but data transfer can take some time depending on the volume of data you would like to transfer. In this article, you will learn how to...

/ 5 October 2018

How to Install Latest MySQL 8.0 on RHEL/CentOS and Fedora

MySQL is an open source free relational database management system (RDBMS) released under GNU (General Public License). It is used to run multiple databases on any single server by providing multi-user access to each created database. This article will walk...

/ 14 August 2018

How to Monitor MySQL/MariaDB Databases using Netdata on CentOS 7

Netdata is a free open source, simple and scalable, real-time system performance and health monitoring application for Unix-like systems such as Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS. It gathers various metrics and visualizes them, allowing you to watch operations on your system....

/ 23 June 2018

How to Install MySQL 8.0 in Ubuntu 18.04

MySQL community server is a free open source, popular and cross-platform database management system. It supports both SQL and NoSQL, and has a pluggable storage engine architecture. Additionally, it also comes with multiple database connectors for different programming languages, allowing...

/ 5 May 2018

Mytop – A Useful Tool for Monitoring MySQL/MariaDB Performance in Linux

Mytop is an open source and free monitoring program for MySQL and MariaDB databases was written by Jeremy Zawodny using Perl language. It is much similar in look and feel of the most famous Linux system monitoring tool called top....

/ 27 February 2018

How to Change Default MySQL/MariaDB Port in Linux

In this guide we’ll learn how to change the default port that MySQL/MariaDB database binds in CentOS 7 and Debian-based Linux distributions. The default port that MySQL database server is running under Linux and Unix is 3306/TCP. In order to...

/ 22 December 2017

How to Check MySQL Database Size in Linux

by Aaron Kili | Published: December 18, 2017 | Last Updated: December 18, 2017 In this article, I will show you how to check the size of MySQL/MariaDB databases and tables via the MySQL shell. You will learn how to...

/ 18 December 2017

How to Reset WordPress Admin Password via MySQL Command Prompt

Sometimes, a WordPress user, with one of the following capabilities, such as administrator, editor, author, contributor or subscriber, forgets its login credentials, especially the password. WordPress password can be easily changed via “Lost password” WordPress login form. However, if the...

/ 13 December 2017

12 MySQL/MariaDB Security Best Practices for Linux

MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database system and MariaDB (a fork of MySQL) is the world’s fastest growing open source database system. After installing MySQL server, it is insecure in it’s default configuration, and securing it is...

/ 3 November 2017

How to Test PHP MySQL Database Connection Using Script

by Aaron Kili | Published: August 9, 2017 | Last Updated: April 10, 2018 MySQL is a popular database management system while PHP is a server-side scripting language suitable for web development; together with Apache or Nginx HTTP servers, are...

/ 9 August 2017