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How to change your server signature

Disguising your server signature is always a good idea as you wont reveal the operating system to potential script kiddies and hackers. More Stuff Issues with Rails on CENTOS5 and cPanel ? I was trying


PHP/MySQL Tutorial

By Graeme Merral : Open source has brought a lot more than Linux to the computing world. It has also given us PHP and MySQL. According to Graeme, PHP and MySQL are the world’s best


Shell Commands

Simple Shell commands for Informational purposes More Stuff Schedule, Registration now available for CentOS Dojo at FOSDEM Schedule, Registration now available for CentOS Dojo at FOSDEM Wednesday , 7, November 2018 Rich Bowen announcement We


Simple Shell Commands

Simple Shell commands for filesystem More Stuff 4 ways Flutter makes mobile app development delightful I’m going to let you in on a secret: For years I hated mobile development. I wanted to like it—mobile


How To Install RKHunter

RKHunter also known as RootKit Hunter is a scanning tool to ensure you for about 99.9% that you don’t have any rootkits, backdoors, and local exploits but running tests and e-mailing you results. More Stuff



chkrootkit: shell script that checks system binaries for rootkit modification. More Stuff Has your Apple Mac external USB keyboard stopped working? This is a very brief post, offered in the hope that it may help


Install BFD (Brute Force Detection)

BFD is a modular shell script for parsing applicable logs and checking for authentication failures. More Stuff How to check and stop if DDoS attack is going on. Distributed denial-of-service attacks In a distributed attack,


Disable Telnet Access

Telnet should be disabled, and you should use SSH. Telnet sends password in plain text, and ‘crackers/hackers’ can obtain these passwords easily compared to SSH, and then takeover your dedicated web server. More Stuff How


Force the use of SSH protocol 2

SSH Protocol 1 based systems are facing many automated “root kits”. As a result to step up the security Protcol 2 should be enabled as soon as possible. More Stuff Webpage Title for High Search


Install LogWatch

Logwatch is a customizable log analysis system. Logwatch parses through your system’s logs for a given period of time and creates a report analyzing areas that you specify, in as much detail as you require.


What is a managed dedicated server

A managed dedicated server is either one you rent or one you co-locate where someone else is in charge of the well being of the server. More Stuff Trade Wars, Turkey Destabilization, and Forex Contagion:


What do I need to know to have a dedicated server

Renting or Co-Locating a dedicated server that is not managed takes a lot of time and knowledge. You must be familiar with the operating system your dedicated server will be running on, and by familiar


What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a computer(server) that only runs one type of server software. The server is usualy constructed or pre-configured to the customers specifications. More Stuff How 11 Trends Indicate that AI is the


Disabling Direct Root Login (SSH)

Disabling root login via shh is a great way to tigthen security on your dedicated server. More Stuff Setting Up LEMP Linux, Nginx, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP) and PhpMyAdmin o… LEMP stack is the combination of of