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Server Security Considerations

>Server security is as important as network security because servers often hold a great deal of an organization’s vital information. If a server is compromised, all of its contents may become available for the cracker to steal or manipulate at...

/ March 19, 2005

Beginners Guides: Linux Part 1: Getting Familiar

Getting started with Linux can seem complex, but we will walk you through the first steps. Installation not required

/ March 15, 2005

Real Host Vs. Reseller Host – How Do You Know?

In today?s world of web hosting, there is literally a deluge of companies from which you can purchase hosting services. These hosts can offer a multitude of packages at a variety of prices. But how can you tell when you...

/ January 7, 2005

Linux Web Hosting FAQ

Our Frequently Asked Questions on Linux gives you insight on what you can expect when choosing a Unix or Linux platform to host your site. Also included is a comparison of Unix vs. Windows Web Hosting features. Unix is a...

/ January 7, 2005

PEAR Primer

PEAR stands for ‘PHP Extension and Application Repository’ and has been slowly building itself over the last few years. There are classes for logging, compression, XML, and on and on. The most popular one is the database abstraction class, which...

/ December 9, 2004

How to change your server signature

Disguising your server signature is always a good idea as you wont reveal the operating system to potential script kiddies and hackers.

/ December 9, 2004

PHP/MySQL Tutorial

By Graeme Merral : Open source has brought a lot more than Linux to the computing world. It has also given us PHP and MySQL. According to Graeme, PHP and MySQL are the world’s best combination for creating data-driven sites....

/ December 6, 2004

Shell Commands

Simple Shell commands for Informational purposes

/ September 24, 2004

Simple Shell Commands

Simple Shell commands for filesystem

/ September 24, 2004


Check out those basic rules to avoid spam robots to use your email for spaming !

/ September 6, 2004

How To Install RKHunter

RKHunter also known as RootKit Hunter is a scanning tool to ensure you for about 99.9% that you don’t have any rootkits, backdoors, and local exploits but running tests and e-mailing you results.

/ August 18, 2004


chkrootkit: shell script that checks system binaries for rootkit modification.

/ August 18, 2004

Install BFD (Brute Force Detection)

BFD is a modular shell script for parsing applicable logs and checking for authentication failures.

/ August 17, 2004

Disable Telnet Access

Telnet should be disabled, and you should use SSH. Telnet sends password in plain text, and ‘crackers/hackers’ can obtain these passwords easily compared to SSH, and then takeover your dedicated web server.

/ August 17, 2004