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The 80/20 Principle And Your Business

The 80/20 Principle, even known as The Pareto Principle, states that many of these of the results can be derived from 20% involving the causes. Those educated with the concept frequently agree that it is without a doubt more or...

/ 28 January 2021

How to Deploy a WordPress® Staging Site With cPanel

Cropping and editing a production WordPress online site is like detailing your own personal car while it’s generating down the freeway. An individual might arrive at your own destination on time and even looking good. Then yet again, it could...

/ 26 January 2021

How Tech Companies Can Build A Culture Of Diversity

This particular post was originally printed on the Internet Infrastructure Coalition website. Written by cPanel’s General Counsel James Snead and Documentation Broker Jennifer Doubrava, we seem to be pleased to share that on our blog since well: Since it was...

/ 21 January 2021

Are Blogs A Dying Art Form, Or The Vinyl Albums Of Online Content?

Myspace. Podcasts. Even Netflix, Twitter, and Twitter. But… LiveJournal, anyone? No? Believe that or not, before the modern era of on the net content being almost solely streamed audio or video recording, there was a time when we all primarily...

/ 19 January 2021

WordPress® Auto-Updates: Should You Use Them?

Open Source projects just like WordPress have empowered more than a billion people in order to have an online profile. One factor that plagues the Open Source community is hackers. The nature of Open Source and additionally its security transparency...

/ 12 January 2021

How To Use A Remote MySQL® Database With cPanel

Typically the MySQL database server is actually a core component connected with millions of content control systems and ecommerce software. It provides the safe and sound and reliable data storage area and retrieval that helps make dynamic, personalized websites possible....

/ 7 January 2021

So Long 2020, Hello 2021

We can certainly all agree that the year 2020 supplied some unique and unparalleled challenges, both in online business and our personal resides. As a result, we have been presented with an important particular and unusual view from which we...

/ 5 January 2021

Join The Club: The Growing Subscription Service Model

How a lot of subscription services are you currently subscribed to? Chances are, you have a great deal more than you  realize. Ongoing services have become the particular preferred model for virtual assets and have turned customers’ ownership and paying...

/ 30 December 2020

Adding cPanel University Certifications To LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network for, well, professionals. Whether you’re looking to secure your next job or establish yourself as a thought leader within your current position or industry, LinkedIn is the place where you want to put your most...

/ 23 December 2020

The Evolution of WordPress® Management with cPanel

cPanel & WHM® has introduced a radical new way to deal with WordPress sites. The Wp Toolkit (WPTK) empowers world-wide-web hosting providers and online site owners to install, protected, and configure multiple webpages in a single easy-to-use interface. This Toolkit...

/ 17 December 2020