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Using AWS Step Functions To Schedule Or Delay SNS Message Publication

with no AWS Lambda function required A co-worker at Archer asked if there was a way to schedule messages published to an Amazon SNS topic. I know that scheduling messages to SQS queues is possible to some extent using the...

/ 6 May 2019

AWS Solutions Update Feed

a serverless monitoring and alerting service built by Kira Hammond Amazon recently announced AWS Solutions, a central catalog of well-designed, well-documented, CloudFormation templates that solve common problems, or create standard solution frameworks. My tweet about this announcement garnered more interest...

/ 26 February 2019

Using AWS SSM Parameter Store With Git SSH Keys

and employing them securely At Archer, we have been moving credentials into AWS Systems Manager (SSM) Parameter Store and AWS Secrets Manager. One of the more interesting credentials is an SSH key that is used to clone a GitHub repository...

/ 21 December 2018

Guest Post: Notable AWS re:invent Sessions, by Jennine Townsend

A guest post authored by Jennine Townsend, expert sysadmin and AWS aficionado There were so many sessions at re:Invent! Now that it’s over, I want to watch some sessions on video, but which ones? Of course I’ll pick out those...

/ 3 December 2018

New – Predictive Scaling for EC2, Powered by Machine Learning

When I look back on the history of AWS and think about the launches that truly signify the fundamentally dynamic, on-demand nature of the cloud, two stand out in my memory: the launch of Amazon EC2 in 2006 and the...

/ 21 November 2018

AWS re:Invent 2018 Experiences

thoughts from a conference veteran who has attended every AWS re:Invent There are a number of great guides to AWS re:Invent with excellent recommendations on how to prepare, what to bring, and how to get the most out of your...

/ 22 October 2018

New – Provisioned Throughput for Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)

Amazon Elastic File System lets you create petabyte-scale file systems that can be accessed in massively parallel fashion from hundreds or thousands of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) servers and on-premises resources, scaling on demand without disrupting applications. Behind the...

/ 3 August 2018

AWS Secrets Manager – Initial Thoughts

I was in the audience when Amazon announced the AWS Secrets Manager at the AWS Summit San Francisco. My first thought was that we already have a way to store secrets in SSM Parameter Store. In fact, I tweeted: “Just...

/ 9 April 2018

Guest Post: Jennine Townsend on AWS Documentation

A guest post authored by Jennine Townsend, sysadmin extraordinaire, and perhaps the AWS Doc team’s biggest fan. I’ve always believed in reading vendor documentation and now that AWS is by far my largest vendor I’m focussed on their documentation. It’s...

/ 31 March 2018

Replacing EC2 On-Demand Instances With New Spot Instances

with an SMS text warning two minutes before interruption, using CloudWatch Events Rules And SNS The EC2 Spot instance marketplace has had a number of enhancements in the last couple months that have made it more attractive for more use...

/ 13 February 2018

Listing AWS Accounts in an AWS Organization

using aws-cli with a human-oriented output format If you keep creating AWS accounts for every project, as I do, then you will build up a large inventory of accounts. Occasionally, you might want to get a list of all of...

/ 6 February 2018

Streaming AWS DeepLens Video Over SSH

instead of connecting to the DeepLens with HDMI micro cable, monitor, keyboard, mouse Credit for this excellent idea goes to Ernie Kim. Thank you! Instructions without ssh The standard AWS DeepLens instructions recommend connecting the device to a monitor, keyboard,...

/ 30 December 2017