Goodbye Middle-Managers, Hello Blockchain

Who’s Actually Doing This?

Two different companies are deploying protocols to execute various parts of this: Regium and HUMAN Protocol.

Regium is an EOS protocol for managing digital assets. The company recently announced two key features, Continuous Compensation and Recursive Incentive Distribution, which they are making available to data and content ownerships that build on their platform.

This means a content owner who sells their content on a Regium dApp can circumvent centralized distribution platforms (like the Apple App Store) but not worry about having to play the role of middle-manager?—?the content owner can rest assured that the platform is (provably) executing functions correctly.

HUMAN Protocol focuses on human labor and, at this point, the type of work commonly done by Amazon Mechanical Turk. One such example is their hCaptcha project?—?hCaptcha is a drop-in replacement for reCAPTCHA that compensates web publishers for the data labeling work their end-users are doing (rather than give it to Google for free).

HUMAN relies on smart contracts to verify tasks are being completed (to satisfaction) and automatically deploys compensation.

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