German court says Amazon’s Dash buttons violate consumer protection law

On Thursday, a German court ruled that Amazon’s Dash buttons violate the country’s consumer protection laws, according to Reuters.

Dash buttons are about the size of a thumb drive, and they can be purchased by Prime members for a variety of different products like coffee, tissues, or laundry detergent. By pressing the button, shoppers can purchase a product instantly and have it shipped to their home. According to the German court, these devices do not provide enough information about the product being purchased or its price, which violates German consumer protection laws that state that shoppers have a right to know the price they’re paying when they make a purchase.

site/picture_element-1547222193_285_8636″ data-cdata=”{"asset_id":4020414,"ratio":"*"}”>Amazon Dash Buttons Photo by Tyler Pina / The Verge

“The decision is not only against innovation, it also prevents customers from making an informed choice for themselves about whether a service like Dash Button is a convenient way for them to shop,” Amazon said in a statement to The Verge. “We are convinced the Dash Button and the corresponding app are in line with German legislation. Therefore, we’re going to appeal.”

Germany is Amazon’s second largest market, and the company is currently under investigation by its antitrust authority as well. The German regulators are looking into whether the e-commerce giant exploited its dominant market position and is preventing fair competition in the country’s online marketplace.

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