Game Art Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop

In this Photoshop Tutorial we will learn how to create game art and buildings in photoshop.

In this Photoshop Tutorial
we will learn how to create game art and buildings in photoshop.

Step 1

Finding references and textures

The first thing I do is start collecting as many photos of buildings
and city landscapes as possible. I look for textures and references, to
get a sense of how a building was constructed and how I can recreate it
with Photoshop. For this example I went through my archive of photos taken
in New York, Los Angeles, Stockholm and Copenhagen among other cities.

Step 2

Preparing collected assets

When I find a texture that works for me, I begin skewing it and alter
its perspective into what it would look like if the building was seen
from its front. First then, you have something that is usefull to you.
When thats done, I make sure that the image is square.


Step 3

Setting the perspective

After I have gotten my building’s texture where I want it, I immediately
add a square on a layer on top of it, that will serve as roof. I leave
it flat and vector looking for now. Then I tweak the buildings front,
using the skewing tools, so that the perspective is almost straight from
above but with the camera slightly tilted backwards.


Step 4

Adding details

When I have a base that I am happy with I move on and start adding details.
For this building I felt like adding a little obelisk to add some interest
to the building. I imagined what the vanishing points would be and drew
a rectangular vector shape. I then grouped a stone texture I found on
google to the vector shape. I also shaded and highlighted it slightly
to add some depth.

Further I also added a sidewalk pretty much the same way I added the
obelisk. I kept the sidewalks edges straight so that this building could
be lined up with other buildings in my city.


Step 5

Define distance with shadows

To make it feel like the building stands out from its background I add
a drop shadow in front of the building. A good thing to know about shadows,
is that it hints on how tall the casting object is and what it looks like
seen from the side or front.

Also, to make the building sit a little better, if you feel like it
is floating, is to faintly paint under the pavement with dark brush.



Step 6

Next Step

Start drawing a couple more buildings. My library consists of 5 buildings.
The more building you can construct and have in your library, the better
it is. You city will feel less repetitive.

After you have your buildings, start adding details to the streets, like
street lines, streetlights, stoplights, parks that divide the lanes etc.

To the right is was my final result looks like. It took me about 40 hours
to build this entire city.

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