Fedora 22 Released – See What’s New in Workstation, Server and Cloud

The Fedora project has announced the release of one of the most awaited Linux Distribution (of the Year 2015) Fedora 22 on May 26, 2015. Fedora is a Red Hat Sponsored Linux distribution, developed...

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The Fedora project has announced the release of one of the most awaited Linux Distribution (of the Year 2015) Fedora 22 on May 26, 2015. Fedora is a Red Hat Sponsored Linux distribution, developed by community supported Fedora Project. Matthew Miller, The Fedora Project Leader said..

Fedora 22 continues the groundwork that was laid by Fedora 21 while retaining the commitment to open source innovation, Fedora is know for.

What’s New in Fedora 22

  1. Distinct Editions for Workstation, Sever and Cloud.
  2. KDE Plasma 5 replaced KDE Plasma 4 from Fedora KDE Spin. You may expect clean, improved and polished user interface with better visibility.
  3. Migrated to Qt5 and KDE Framework 5.
  4. XFCE spin has been updated to XFCE 4.2 with a lots of improvement and HiDPI Support. Also Windows tiling, Gtk3 plugins Support and Multi-monitor Support enhanced.
  5. DNF (Dandified YUM) replaced YUM (Yellowdog Updater, Modified). DNF and Hawkey are the package managers in Fedora 22. DNF working style is very much similar to YUM but re-engineered to get optimal performance. Server and cloud users can continue to work with yum but with the message that “YUM is Deprecated and DNF is the latest Package Manager”.
  6. Elastricsearch which is a self-standing open source indexing server has been Included in repository.
  7. Primary Compiler Suite GCC has been Updated to version 5.1.

Fedora 22 (which do not have a name) comes in three unique editions:

  1. Fedora Workstation
  2. Fedora Sever
  3. Fedora Cloud

What’s New in Fedora 22 Workstation

Improved Notification – The interface-less notification keeps Fedora 22 user better informed. Notification no longer appears at the bottom of the screen but appears in the center of the top bar, while browsing or working in terminal.

Improved Notification

Improved Notification

Redefined Themes – The themes in Fedora 22 are improved and redefined. With these redefined themes you can make most out of them viz., adjust windows size and placement, navigate to files and folders and identify information on the screen with ease.

Redefined Themes

Redefined Themes

Improved Application Integration – Now use cross-environment Application and get a feeling of native application. Say you can use KDE and XFCE application on GNOME and get a feeling as if the application is native to GNOME.

Software Improvement – The software App has more applications and data than before, which makes it possible for you to find the best tool from a wide variety of Applications. Software App now can install fonts, media helper or any other extras.

Files view improved – Layout of files has been updated which ensures better experience/view with your files and folder. Also improvement in zoom level and sort order for files and folders. Now it is possible to Move files and folders to Trash by using Delete key only whereas in previous version a key combination Ctrl + Delete was required.

Improved Files View

Improved Files View

Image Viewer redesigned – Redesigned image viewer so that you get most out of the image and deal with windows chrome as little as possible.

Image Viewer

Image Viewer

Boxes improved – UI for boxes has been improved. Boxes is an application for virtual and remote machine.

Vagrant included – Vagrant is a software development environment which works on virtualization technology, without the need of any third party virtualization tools. Vagrant Software Development Environment has been added to Fedora 22.

What’s New in Fedora 22 Server

Database Server Role Added – A Database Server role has been added to Fedora 22 which is built around PostgreSQL.

Default XFS filesystem – Fedora 22 Server edition will be XFS atop of LVM except /boot partition.

Compatible Cockpit – Cockpit is a server manger tool designed specially for server administration via HTTP web Browser. Cockpit is compatible with Fedora 22 Server. With the compatibility of Cockpit with Fedora 22 server edition, it is ensured that:

  1. New SYSAdmins can handle the server efficiently.
  2. Jump between terminal and web tool very easily.
  3. Monitor and Administer multiple server simultaneously.

What’s New in fedora 22 Cloud

Updated Docker – Docker, which is used for running applications within a container has been updated.

Vargant Boxes for libvirt and virtualBox – Fedora 22 Cloud Edition now supports Vagrant Boxes for libvirt and virtualbox which means developer working on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) can now spin up fedora based development.

Dockerfiles Included – Fedora 22 Cloud contains Dockerfiles. Dockerfiles and up-to-date git repository (also included in fedora 22 cloud) can be used for building applications with base Fedora 22 Dockerfile.

Download Fedora 22 DVD ISO Images

Download Fedora 22 Workstation
  1. Fedora-Live-Workstation-i686-22-3.iso – Size 1.3GB
  2. Fedora-Live-Workstation-x86_64-22-3.iso – Size 1.3GB
Download Fedora 22 Server
  1. Fedora-Server-DVD-i386-22.iso – Size 2.2GB
  2. Fedora-Server-DVD-x86_64-22.iso – Size 2.1GB
Download Fedora 22 Cloud

Download Fedora 22 Base Image (suitable for Vms) for 32-bit.

  1. Fedora-Cloud-Base-22-20150521.i386.raw.xz – Size 146MB
  2. Fedora-Cloud-Base-22-20150521.x86_64.raw.xz – Size 146MB

Download Fedora 22 Atomic Image (suitable for creating hosts for container deployment) for 64-bit.

  1. Fedora-Cloud_Atomic-x86_64-22.iso – Size 232MB


Fedora along with latest GNOME 3.16 makes a great desktop and it includes a lot of stuffs you want to give a try. Fedora remains a leader within the Linux Vanguard as stated by its project leader. Fedora is the Linux distribution Linux Torvalds (Don’t need to tell who he is. Every Linuxer know and those who don’t know does not come from Linux land and don’t matter) uses on his every computer. This bleeding-edge distro has a great impact on Linux Ecosystem. Kudos to the Fedora Community and Project!

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