Ending The Crypto Winter with Garry Tan and Brett Gibson of Initialized Capital

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In this episode we sit down with Garry Tan and Brett Gibson of Initialized Capital and discuss emerging technologies such as cryptocurrency, blockchain, and what sets them apart from other venture capital firms.

“People are conditioned for 200 milliseconds at this point. Even waiting 5-seconds for a little spinner is not going to cut it.”—

Garry Tan

“Privacy is going to be a big deal for the blockchain and crypto technologies.”?—?

Brett Gibson

“It really is about those users, and what’s their experience. We want to help other fellow hackers who are builders.”?—?

Garry Tan

“We’re sitting on a bit of a systemic landmine here, and security is going to have to be figured out for the future of computing.”?—?

Brett Gibson

“That’s one thing that is very much missing, but could be the inflection point that pops us out of this crypto winter.”?—?

Garry Tan

“There is too much money chasing too few deals, too few ideas, and too few good people. That’s insane to me. Definitely there’s too much money, but an infinite number of incredibly smart people. If you’re paying attention to Hacker News, and Hacker Noon and you’re reading this stuff, this is the stuff I read when I was working for someone else’s startup. You and I are not different, we’re the same.”?—?

Garry Tan

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