E-Commerce Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to the one-stop source for setting up your business online! Our clear e-commerce development guides will enable your company to quickly understand what it takes to establish an online e-commerce presence and make your digital commerce flourish. The seven articles are designed to be read in sequence

1. Introduction – what is e-commerce and why does your company need to develop a strategy

2. Know Your Product – addresses the importance of how the product you sell may impact some of the decisions you will make.

3. Security – discusses various methods of ensuring your customers feel safe sending their payment information to you over the web.

4. Merchant Accounts – provides a “heads-up” look at how your bank may provide for all of the on-line transactions you are about to process, and reveals some alternatives

5. May I Take Your Order – profiles various methods of displaying your product and capturing your customers order information.

6. Method of Payment, Please – covers options you have in actually making sure you’re paid for the products before you ship them; from off-line manual, to real-time transaction processing.

7. Marketing Your Store – reveals on-line advertising opportunities

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