Coding has become part of life in one way or the other, not just IT professional are interested in coding but people from other industries too, but DevOps engineers are the sure winners in software development in the tech world today.

DevOps Hacker Bundle - Learn Docker and AWS

DevOps Hacker Bundle – Learn Docker and AWS

If you have ambitions of being in a position of high-level excellence in elite coding, then the DevOps Hacker Bundle is your here to set you on a path to absolute success. Gain knowledge in Docker technology and Amazon Web Services (AWS) today for just $29 on Tecmint Deals.

With up to 13 hours of quality training, you will explore areas such as Docker for DevOps course, centered basically on teaching you, through step-by-step instruction, what you can build with Docker including the practical how part. You will master the processes of developing and deploying a multi-service Flask and Ruby on Rails application, with no experience required.

After becoming well versed with Docker, you will proceed to the next course on Amazon ECS, which will teach you the ins and outs of how to deploy docker containers to AWS. Further more, The AWS ECS: Scaling Docker course will give you eloquent execution competence within the Amazon AWS cloud.

With all the above knowledge, you will be set to manage a cluster of Docker containers, and only the sky will be the limit in your DevOps engineering potential. Imagine how enticing your new found skill will get employers running after you, demanding for your services.

Therefore take this opportunity now and get ready for a bright future handling Docker technologies, Amazon Wsb Services and also Software development. This all comes to you at a limited time for just $29 courtesy of Tecmint Deals. Make a difference between the rest and yourself.

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