Games like Crossy Road gained quite an impressive popularity recently. They are played on all kind of devices by both youngsters and adults. Such games seem very simple and are extremely fun to play. You can now learn how to build your own 3D pixelated games with Unity 3d.

With the latest TecMint deal, you can turn your gaming passion into profession. To achieve that, simply grab the Ultimate Unity3D Game Building Bundle now an impressive 90% off i.e you can buy this course for $29.

The bundle includes five courses which give you a huge step ahead in your programming career as follows:

1. 3D Pixel Art for Non-Artists with 3D Voxel & Unity3D – $79 Value

This course teaches you how to build great 3d designs without being an artist. In the end you will be able to build your own Cross Road like game.

2. 3D Pixel Character Modeling & Animation with Unity3D – $79 Value

Learn how to create 3D pixel characters like spiderman or iron man. In the end you will learn how to create Mincraft like game on your own.

3. ‘Unity 2016 Game Physics’ Course – $79 Value

Find out how to manipulate the laws of physics in your own gaming world by developing a full game in Unity 5.

4. Unity3D 2016: Build, Program & Publish a Crossy Road Game – $79 Value

This course includes information on how to build a Crossy road like game for android and iOS and submit it to the Play store and app store.

5. Unity Game Analytics

Learn how to collect user data, integrate Google Analytics and pinpoint problematic levels on your game.

All of the above will give you a solid knowledge and practical experience in the world of game development. You will most definitely master the Unity 3D engine and will be able to realize your own gaming projects.

Furthermore you will be able to submit your projects in the Android and iOS world and your games could be played by millions of users around the world. So hurry up and take on that challenge!

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