Are you new to coding world or want to enhance your programming skills and knowledge? If yes, then this complete Web Hacker Bundle provides an easy way to start learning coding from scratch and become a full-stack web programmer in just few weeks. This bundle contains 7-courses and you can get them by paying what you want for it on our Tecmint Deals.

Learn Web Hacker Bundle Course

Learn Web Hacker Bundle Course

To design or develop an online platform from scratch involve skills of both front-end and back-end development. This bundle includes seven courses, totaling over 73 hours of lectures, which guide both sides of the comparison. JavaScript is often treated as a positive way to start, and here you can get to grab with it through jQuery in a project-based course.

At the front-end side, you can get idea on how to design applications from scratch with the Bootstrap technology, and also you will learn on how to integrate your project with JavaScript and JQuery. There is also a course on developing dynamic websites using PHP and MySQL and in each course, you will get a practical practice projects to show your skills on coding.

For more challenging builds, Ruby on Rails and Python with Django programming languages are trained from scratch. On the back end side, you can learn how to deploy applications with Docker and managing data with Apache Cassandra.

The Web Hacker Bundle course includes:

  1. Learn Docker from Scratch ($99)
  2. Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch ($99)
  3. Learn Web Programming in Django and Python ($149)
  4. Learn Bootstrap Development by Creating 10 Projects ($199)
  5. Learn Projects in JavaScript and JQuery ($149)
  6. Learn Projects in PHP and MySQL ($199)
  7. Learn Ruby on Rails by Building Projects ($149)

You can pay whatever you want for the first 2-courses (Learn Docker from Scratch and Learn Apache Cassandra from Scratch) – beat the average cost to get the full Web Hacker Bundle.

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