Many businesses out there have large amounts of data to be stored and managed, and having skills of data storage and management using MySQL or SQL is a great advantage one can have no matter their profession.

For those who are new in the job market, you can have an advantage over the rest of job seekers by learning SQL to add an edge in your resume.

Therefore, if you are ready to upgrade your skillset by learning SQL, then The Ultimate MySQL/SQL Bootcamp will help you develop skills in SQL instruction. You will be equipped with transferable skills for practically any profession or industry at an amazing $49 from Tecmint Deals for the entire collection.

9-Course Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Program

9-Course Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Program

Prepare yourself for data mastery success with the Ultimate MySQL/SQL Bootcamp package, with in depth SQL instruction to shape your understanding of effective database design.

The courses included will help you become familiar with popular database management systems such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Further more, you will also learn to use Microsoft Visual Studio to build a real dashboard system using SQL, AJAX, C#, HTML, CSS and iQuery.

As you progress with the courses, you will discover the necessities for managing your SQL databases for scalable growth, and learn basic concepts such as joins, aggregate operators and also interfacing with the database.

You will advance to learn SQL for developers, database replication, data encryption, plus many other database handling skills.

Learning the individual courses can cost you over $400, but Tecmint Deals brings you the whole collection at 87% off so that you pay just $49 for all these courses:

  1. SQL Database for Beginners-$99
  2. An Introduction to MySQL Database Development-$20
  3. From 0 to 1: Heavy Lifting with SQL and Database-$49
  4. A SQL Server, ASP.NET, CSS, C# and iQuery Course-$100
  5. SQL for Marketers-$20
  6. SQL Database MasterClass: Go from Pupil to Master-$20
  7. Complete WAMP and MySQL Course-$20
  8. SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL with MySQL Database-$50
  9. Learn Beginners PHP and MySQL the Easy Way-$30

Get ready for a new career opportunities by taking advantage of The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp brought to you at $49 by Tecmint Deals.

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