With computer system and network security becoming a more pressing issue today, as hackers and malicious attackers are constantly developing new techniques to break into company networks, this has caused a high demand for computer system and network security experts.

These specialists provide critical protections to businesses, governmental as well as non-governmental organizations and therefore earn high salaries as a result.

Become an In-Demand IT pro with the 2017 IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training, for a limited time, join this course now for 98% off on Tecmint Deals.

The 2017 IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training course will equip you with the skills to identify vulnerabilities in a computer systems and a network’s security, and close off the vulnerabilities before they’re exploited by hackers.

The training in this course will help you learn skills such as penetration testing, social engineering, foot-printing and many more. You’ll also explore how Trojan horses, backdoors, viruses, and worms work and how they are created.

In addition, you’ll master how to scan and sniff networks, crack wireless encryption, and evade IDSs, firewalls and honeypots. It as well walks you through denial of service (DoS) attacks, SQL injection, buffer overflow, session hijacking, system hacking and beyond.

With 24/7 access to more than 35 hours worth of top-level course materials, you will gain knowledge to enable you excel in industry-standard network security exams such as the 2017 CompTIA Security+, CEHv9, and CCNA Security certifications and earn valuable credentials as well.

Most importantly, printable study guides will help your progress, and you’ll have a collection of labs, games and activities to enhance your learning process.

For a limited time, you can get the 2017 IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training course for a discount of 98% or as low as $29.99 on Tecmint Deals.

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