Have you ever wanted to build your own computer or mobile games? For many of us is a dream come true. Designing and developing game is surely not an easy task and requires lots of studying, testing and most importantly consistency.

Hardcore Game Dev Bundle

Hardcore Game Dev Bundle

While there are tons and tons of books that will provide you with lots of theory, we at TecMint are happy to show you an alternative way of learning with a more practical studying the art of game developing.

Our latest deal Pay What You Want: Hardcore Game Dev Bundle includes 10 unique courses, each of which teaching you different technique of building your own cross-platform games by utilizing Phaser HTML5 framework & JavaScript technologies for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Kindle.

This Hardcore Game Dev Bundle course includes:

  1. Building your own iPad and iPhone game
  2. Game developer business and legal guide
  3. iOS and OS X development guide
  4. 2048 – Learn how to build your first complete game
  5. Master Unity engine, by building your own games from scratch
  6. Build a game in HTML 5
  7. Learn to code in Game Maker
  8. Complete Android 6 game dev guide
  9. Game development with Corona SDK
  10. Make a mobile game with JavaScript

Each of the courses requires internet connection. The access to all the video materials is completed via web or mobile streaming, which means that you will be able to access all the courses from anywhere as long as long as you have an active internet connection.

The Pay What You Want deal works in a unique way and the requirements to win the complete bundle are simple – beat the average price. You can bid as much as you want for a given course and if your price beats the average, you will win the whole bundle and get the opportunity to master your skills of game development. Hurry up, before this deal ends!

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