Consumer Electronics Websites: 4 Smart Lessons from 4 Smart Brands

Consumer electronics are an integral part of everyday life. However, as we move toward complete market saturation in 2019, consumer electronics websites may face many challenges.

It’s become even more difficult to make a web design stand out of the plenty unique and stylish consumer electronics websites. Although, there are a few companies who beat the competition and became the most recognizable in the market.

In honor of this increasingly growing industry, we’re listing out 5 of our favorite electronics store designs. Let’s take a look at how these sites use web design strategies to make the most out of an already successful niche.

This headphone manufacturer has taken a more cutting edge approach and created a website design that helps its brand go beyond a shopping experience and transform it into something more interactive and interesting.

bose gif one

Flashy colors and animations on the homepage attract customer attention and don’t let them even think about abandoning the website. Showcasing the products in the interactive way Bose gives customers the opportunity to select the items among the plenty of variations.

bose gif 2

Each page with Bose products shows off a scrolling product features, the variety of color options, a photo gallery, and tech specs.

One of the most stunning details on the Bose website is the icon design. Just a click on the trendy flat-inspired icons on the left-hand side and you reach the subpage you need.

We can call this brand particular just because it has a visually stunning website for only one product. This web design has won two the coolest design awards, FWA and Awwward. So, definitely, we have something to learn from this brand.

boom botix

The product theatrically appears on the screen. The explosive animation catches user’s attention and doesn’t let you leave the website until you watch the ending of this storytelling video.

This animation is scroll-activated and puts the website visitor in the driver’s seat at the start of Boom Botix website experience.

boom botix gif 2

Scrolling down the website you can see the information about a product screen by screen. A smartly located sticky CTA for buying and a product price in the bottom right corner unobtrusively make the prospect customer think about making a purchase.

Despite the interactive elements are aesthetically attractive and eye-catching they might distract a visitor while navigating on the website. Taking it into consideration, the web designer has made the website control process easier by placing a navigation bar on the left side of a screen.

However, the website seems to be too luxurious for one product, it still inspires for the gorgeous ideas like the mouse-controlled viewpoint that can be used for any another product.

go pro

Due to the reason that GoPro deals primarily with photo equipment, hovering over the products in the grid display demonstrates a sample of a photo taken with a certain type of GoPro product. This gives customers a better idea of how the product can benefit them.

Entering the GoPro website the first thing catching the eye is a trendy HERO image targeting parents and creating a possible emotional connection and targeting parents.

The animated dropdown menus take advantage of its minimalist product categories using the images for a faster communicating process than long lists of product types that aren’t relevant to the customer.

go pro gif

One more visually stunning web design of a headphone manufacturer. Lately, headphones are marketed not only as a wearable device but also as a fashion accessory.

That’s why Beoplay creators have tried to customize their products to different identities and personalities. Just look at their chic website, it looks rather as a fashion brand than as a consumer electronics site.


We like how Beoplay designers have used the ample white space and a muted grayscale color palette to emphasize the subtlety and minimalism trending in different industries today.

The interesting website detail is the navigation menu with decriptive flat graphics helping visitors find the good they’re searching for, despite they have no clue about its technical name.  

One more peculiarity of this website is the untraditional product pages. Each of them is filled with large artistic images, videos, short product descriptions, and scroll-triggered animations.

But the unique and effective part of the Beoplay site is their unconventional product pages. Each product has its own long-scrolling page filled with large-scale artistic images, videos, short copy descriptions, and scroll-triggered animations.

This brand definitely has something to teach us. Just look at their website, it looks rather like a corporate site than a product homepage, but that’s what makes it so appetizing.


One of the most important designer’s tasks is to strike the balance between trying something new and using what undoubtedly works. Ingenuity pays off, but only in conjugation with the tried-and-true traditions.

The 4 website design above combine both the traditional basics and the engaging moments in doing something the customer has never seen before. No matter what you sell, you have to learn when to color within the lines and when to let creativity guide your hand.

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