Complete Dedicated Server Backup

This guide details backing up your dedicated server using cPanel‘s backup utility. This backup is for the entire dedicated server not just one web server account.

1. Login to your server’s WHM as

2. Click ‘Configure Backup’ which is under the backup
submenu on the left. (Theme X)

Here is how my backup
configuration looks

Note /backup is the mount of your second
Hard Drive* If you do NOT have a second harddrive you can do
/home/backup but it is NOT suggested you do this. A second drive is
alot safer. Another thing to note is you must have atleast double
the uesed space still available on your drive to backup to

Choosing how often to backup is up to you, I
run my backups weekly, and some months depending on development I
run them daily. Note that depending on how large your /home is
depends on how long the backup procedure will take. Also if your
dedicated server is backing up to another dedicated server via FTP
that will take longer because you will want to be backing up to
another server in another data center, and this WILL use your
bandwidth. Backing up Raw Access Logs is up to you. I choose to back
them up because I am a log freak.

Why should I backup to
another dedicated server outside my datacenter?
If your
DataCenter has any type of failure (earthquake/fire/etc..) your
server may be destoryed, so the backup on your second drive is prety
worthless. If possible backup onto your 2nd drive daily, and backup
onto another server in another datacenter every week.

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