Listing AWS Accounts in an AWS Organization

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using aws-cli with a human-oriented output format

If you keep creating AWS accounts for every project, as I do, then you
will build up a large inventory of accounts. Occasionally, you might
want to get a list of all of the accounts for easy review.

The following simple aws-cli command pipeline:

  • filters to just the active (non-deleted) AWS accounts
  • sorts by account create/join time

and outputs the following values in nicely aligned columns:

Here’s the command pipeline (contains some bash-ism):

aws organizations list-accounts \ --output text \ --query 'Accounts[?Status==`ACTIVE`][Status,JoinedTimestamp,Id,Email,Name]' | sort | cut -f2- | column -t -n -e -s$'\cI'

Here is a sample of what the output might look like:

317126648177 Organization (signin)
096053157110 Organization (development)
309325603118 Organization (qa)
516635816478 Organization (production)
161369730993 Organization (project-1)
631228168624 Organization (project-2)
132185502569 Organization (temporary)
852417106807 Organization (fooling-around)
758815767242 Organization (cloudtrail)
979811858263 Organization (backups)
402216494176 Completely Different Thing
258311671274 Organization (preview)
107177144177 Organization (beta)
402216494176 Organization (alexa)

Here’s an article where I describe how I use AWS Organizations to
create and set up new AWS accounts with the aws-cli:

Creating AWS Accounts From The Command Line With AWS Organizations

[Update 20178-02-06: Switch from grep to JMESPath filter operator, thanks to reminder from Mike Fiedler]

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