AWS Community Day San Francisco, June 15, 2017

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register today for this free conference with content organized and presented by AWS community experts!

The AWS user community in the Bay Area and (US) West Coast is getting
together in San Francisco for a full day of technical content, food,
drink, and mixing with other users in the AWS community.

AWS Community Day San Francisco

At AWS Community Day San Francisco, the content is selected
and planned by leaders in the AWS community, and all of the speakers
are AWS experts from the West Coast community of AWS users, including
some AWS User Group leaders and AWS Community Heroes.

Amazon is generously footing the bill for the event space, food,
multi-media management, event site hosting, registration, and all the
little details that make a big event like this go smoothly, but the
content is organized and presented by AWS community leaders and
experts, instead of Amazon employees.

“When we learn from the community we learn from others like us. We have a shared perspective as users of AWS. AWS Community Day will offer us a unique opportunity that we cannot get at AWS re:Invent or AWS Summit.”
– John Varghese, Leader, Bay Area AWS User Group

This free event is being held at the Marriott Marquis San Francisco on
Thursday, June 15, 2017.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and happy hour are provided to keep the
community fueled for learning and networking. Thanks, Amazon!

“I’m excited to spend a day learning and sharing with the rest of the AWS community. The sessions will be a great mix of practical tips about the services we use constantly, and showcases of new technologies that we aren’t so familiar with. It’s great to hear about best practices from Amazon, but it’ll be even better to learn from our peers’ real world results.”
– Ryan Park, Engineering Manager, Slack

There are eight sessions planned in two tracks, with plenty of
valuable information for all types of AWS users, and lots of
opportunities to meet others in the community and chat about your AWS
experiences. The current agenda includes:

  • Security for Complex Networks on AWS (Teri Radichel)
  • And You Thought You Knew EC2 (Ben Whaley)
  • And the CFO Wept: AWS Cost Control (Corey Quinn)
  • Learning AWS the Hard Way (Valentino Volonghi)
  • Lessons Learned After One Year with AWS Lambda (Matt Billock)
  • Open Source: What Works and What Doesn’t (Mike Barrett)
  • Amazon Athena Deep Dive (Kevin Epstein)

Sessions will cover some of the most popular and cutting-edge AWS
technologies being used today including: Lambda, Kinesis, DynamoDB,
Athena, QuickSight, Systems Manager, Application Load Balancers, and

“I’m excited to see how the community is leveraging the tools that Amazon provides, especially the creative uses Amazon didn’t expect!”
– Jeremy Edberg, Founder, MinOps Inc

At this conference, there will be no vendor talks, no partner talks,
no sponsored talks. The presenters are all AWS users and AWS experts
with real life experience in the AWS topics they are presenting.

Who doesn’t want to hear the important lessons learned by an AWS
expert who deals with 4 trillion data points per day?

“It’s one thing to learn about AWS from Amazon employees at AWS re:Invent, the (quite comprehensive) docs, or the ocean of online material. It’s something else entirely to learn from folks who have used AWS to solve real world problems for coming up on a decade.”
– Ben Whaley, Founder, WhaleTech

You can learn more about, and register for, AWS Community Day San
Francisco at the official web site, generously designed and hosted by

AWS Community Day San Francisco

Check out the agenda, read the FAQs, then Register Today
and join your fellow West Coast AWS community members on June 15 for a
great AWS Community Day!

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