Art of the Ampersand: 35 Creative Examples of The ‘&’ Character

The Ampersand is loved by all types of creatives! Its shape has evolved into a variety of styles since it was conceived as a ligature of the letters ‘e’ and ‘t’ from the Latin ‘et’ for ‘and’. You can find a range of ampersand designs across different fonts and typefaces, from cursive script variants to more abstract and experimental styles that stray away from the original ‘et’ shapes. The Ampersand is commonly used as the main subject of art pieces too, where it is appreciated purely for its aesthetics rather than as a form of language. In today’s showcase I present 35 creative examples of the ‘&’ character which have been beautifully decorated to produce interesting designs and illustrations.

Adobe Ampersand by BURO UFHO

Ampersands by Katt Phatt

& Alliteration by DUSK.

Chocolate Ampersands by Jamie Clarke

Playpersand by Ana Porta

Ampersand Food Groups by Dan Beckemeyer

Ampersands Type Treatment by Anthony James

Esperluette Freaks by My Name is Wendy

Today at Apple: Ampersand by Maggie Enterrios

Ampersand by Karan Singh

IRIS & COLE by Pata Studio

Creative Ampersands by Yuri Kartashev

Ampersand T-Shirt by Gregoire Cheynier

Octopus Ampersand by Toby Triumph

Adobe by Sebastian Onufszak

Amfursands by David McLeod

The New Republic Ampersand by Pawel Nolbert

Premium Wood Ampersand by Ugmonk

2014 by Stuart Wade

The Amperxandt by Hedi Xandt

Hither & Yon by Eiko Ojala

CAP&Design by Katrine Kolstrom

Pencilsand by Jenue

Andshake by Kyle Letendre

Ampersand by Nick Matej

Ampersword by Roko Kerovec

Wildflower Ampersand by Jacob Rhoades

Bananda by Brent Schoepf

Worthe Ampersand by Ryan Slater

Ampersand by Studio Warburton

Ampersand by Nathan Walker

Ampersand by Matt Scribner

Ampersand Audio Cable by Mikael Eidenberg

Bacon Ampersand by UI8

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