7 Reasons you should not host your own videos

There are times that users encounter issues when watching videos. Common issues include videos that can’t be played on mobile devices, users only see a black box where the video… More »

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There are times that users encounter issues when watching videos. Common issues include videos that can’t be played on mobile devices, users only see a black box where the video is placed, the video stops in the middle of playing, and the video takes too long to load.

These issues are common for those users trying to access your data. If you are engaged in web design and hosting your own videos, these are the issues you might experience, which needs to be fixed to keep your customers. For that fact, here are seven reasons you shouldn’t host your own videos:

1. Bandwidth

Your third part hosting provider may have allocated a certain bandwidth that you can consume. When you upload large files such as videos, your bandwidth can easily be used up when multiple users are playing your video at the same time. When the bandwidth limit is reached, the above issues may take place.

2. Storage Limit

Aside from bandwidth limit, storage limit is another obstacle. The storage limit that your hosting provider gives you is based on your plan or package. The limit is not only for videos but for all your files, including your backup. If you frequently upload videos, you will end up upgrading to increase your storage limit. Otherwise, the same issues will happen.

3. Slow Loading


This is the problem when large files are not processed efficiently because of limited bandwidth and storage space. Sometimes, the internet speed on the part of users affects the loading time. Nevertheless, you can test it by using fast internet. If the loading is still slow, the problem is not with the internet service provider but with the host.

4. Video Conversion

You won’t just upload one video that fits all. You should have a desktop compatible version like Mp4 or mobile compatible like 3gp or better. These conversions are for one video only. If you have more than one video, you may to run into problems.

5. Browser Quality

Since you want a quality web design, you will surely test your site on many browsers. Your video may play well on one browser and not on the other. It requires experimenting on your settings. Someone visiting your site may not change their browser and have issues with your video sending them elsewhere.

6. Piracy

Self-hosted videos have source codes that can easily be accessed. Therefore, anyone may copy or reproduced your video with your rights being protected.

7. Traffic

Self-hosted videos may face competition with popular video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, which are very popular among most people looking for material on a subject matter.


Instead of hosting your own videos, you can upload them on YouTube, Vimeo, or on other popular media sites. After uploading, get your video URL and codes and embed them onto your website. When a user plays your video, it will be streaming directly for the server where you uploaded your videos. Your web design also depends upon the quality of your video so you don’t have to risk the quality.


We hope you’ve learned why you shouldn’t host your own videos. You may consume and even waste time experimenting and testing everything, but don’t let these problems produce other problems. This may be an issue for you or the employees you have, as it revolves around time management. Using remote timeclock for your employees can solve a lot of problems so you can focus on important tasks for your web design and development.

Wendy-DesslerAuthor: Wendy Dessler
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