The traditions and symbols of the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) are a popular theme for artists and illustrators. Skeletons, skulls, flowers and colourful decorations from the festival are all used as inspiration to create beautiful pieces of art that pay tribute to Mexican heritage. In today’s showcase I present 60 brilliant Day of the Dead themed designs and illustrations. You’ll find a range of truly fascinating pieces featuring calaveras masks, the popular Catrina character and a variety of sugar skull depictions with detailed patterns and vibrant colours.

Day of the Dead by Maria Dimova

La Calavera Catrina by Palehorse

Our Lady of Luchadores by Palehorse

Death's Embrace by Derrick Castle

Sure Shots Women's Gun Club by Derrick Castle

Saint Añejo Sugar Skulls by Derrick Castle

Hello Queen by Alexa Erkaeva

Party Time! by Daiko Hachiya

Santa Muerte for Ebola Shop by Dmitry Nurninoro

Anatomical Study by Steve Simpson

Day of the Dead Poster by Jamie McLennan

Day of the Dead by Brian Steely

Tis The Season by Laura Moyer

Cinco De Mayo Poster by Gavin Beck

El Chapulin Calaca by Maldicion

Sugar Skull by Jack Daly

Sugar Skulls by Wotto Art

Day of the Dead by Ade Hogue

Phoenix by Teresa Murphy

Cinco De Dribbble by Ben Grove

Wedding Invitation by Grant Nielsen

Mexican Proud by Treka / Autor Co.

Cervantez by Scott Greci

Dying Breed Illustration by Rick Calzi

Sugar Skull by Tosca Digital

Louder Than Life by Colin Gauntlett

Guardians - Dia De Los Muertos by Orlando Arocena

Ofrenda de Dia de Muertos by SECO

Catrinas de Cerveza Victoria by Tim Tadder

Color Skulls by Nahiely Velazquez

Super Heroe Catrinas by Paloma de Murga

No Estaba Muerto Estaba de Parranda by Ricardo Bracho

Day of the Dead Illustration by Oleksandra Ruth

Hot Mexican by Matheus Costa

Day of the Dead by Gerardo Martinez

Hacienda's Day of the Dead Fiesta by Maureen Daley

Mike & Michele's Wedding Invite by Travis W. Simon

Skull Posters by Jamie McLennan

AIGA Cleveland's Day of the Dead by Lisa Lorek

Mexicana by One Horse Town Illustration

Day Of The Dead Prints by Darragh O'Hagan

Calavera by DAC

Emmuerte by Balefire

Day of the Dead by Gabriel Marchi

Aces'n' Spades Day of the Dead Poster by Alethia Erchen

Calakka La Dama by Fernando Regalado

Calavera IV by Craig Watkins

El Chacal by Maleficio Rodriguez

The Sugar Skull Lady by Charles A.P.

Sugar Skull with Flowers by Tatiana Cociorva

Sugar Skull by Evri Harvian

Sugar Skull Death Bride by Roberto Jaras Lira

Lady Sugar Skull by Design

Los 7 Pichones y la Serpiente emplumada by Francis Peraza

Dia De Los Muertos by Craig Pattersor

Day of the Dead by Danny Schlitz

Create Or Die by Ryan Frease

Dia de los Muertos by Shingo Shimizu

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