The beautiful style of lettering from the 19th century with its influences from Baroque and Art Nouveau art movements has remained a popular style that is often replicated by typographers and calligraphy artists today. This vintage style is characterised by detailed decorations and ornate flourishes that produce extravagant designs. In today’s inspiration showcase I present 50 type designs and hand-lettering pieces for posters, editorial designs, product labels, logos and more, all with a beautiful vintage aesthetic.

Study the past, define the future by Mateusz Witczak

The Alphabet Poster by Mateusz Witczak

Tattoo Parlour by Mateusz Witczak

He Is Mighty To Save by Nevesman

Words of Wisdom by Refinery43

Baroness Logo by Aaron Horkey

Bibliomancy by Aaron Horkey

Sumpah Pemuda by Alfonsusabim

Social Type by Alfonsusabim

New Yeah! by Alfonsusabim

Copper Penny by Jovana Randjelovic

Stark Handletter by Jamie Stark

Farm Tours by Philip Hepler

Vintage Lettering Type by Paul Fuentes

Railroad Joe's Barbershop by Austin Haas

I Put A Spell On You by Laura Scribbles

Money Talks by Annica Lydenberg

Henda Coffee by Akhmad Reza Fauzi

Baltimore Magazine by Martin Schmetzer

Logotypes by Martin Schmetzer

And Is Better by Martin Schmetzer

Austin Roasting Company by Tobias Saul

Amsterdam Dandy by Tobias Saul

Cedar House Soaps by Tobias Saul

Uwe Van Afferden by Tobias Saul

Project Herzland by Tobias Saul

To Create We Must Destroy by Tobias Saul

Mean Street Tattoo by Mateusz Witczak

London by Jason Carne

11Six by Alex Rinker

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride by Like Minded Studio

Way of the David by Like Minded Studio

Love & Trust by Like Minded Studio

Thank You by Tobias Hall

Working Not Working by Tobias Hall

Imaginarium by Anton Burmistrov

Evermore by Anton Burmistrov

A Tour Of The British Isles by Greg Coulton

Sheen by Greg Coulton

Company Eight by Greg Coulton

Washington DC 1903 by Sanborn Map Company

Kansas City 1985 by Sanborn Map Company

Born & Raised Album Cover by John Mayer

Creative Images by David Adrian Smith

Backhouse Package Design by Yuya Yoshida

Almanac Grand Cru by Chad Michael Studio

Promineo by Chad Michael Studio

Don Papa by Stranger & Stranger

The General Whisky by Stranger & Stranger

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