In today’s inspiration showcase I feature a range of logos designs and branding projects for craft breweries. Being small and independent businesses often means they’re are full of character with unique names and pride in their roots, which provides plenty of creative opportunities to experiment with mascots and illustrations that visually represent the brand. See how these designers use the company’s values to develop a distinctive identity, typically with a handmade or vintage design style that reflects the history and artisanal spirit of brewing craft beers.

Rippon Brewing Company by Ceren Burcu Turkan

Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing by Perky Bros

Wicked Barrel Brewery by Stefan Andries

Folks Craft Brewery by Holic Studio

Lamplighter Brewing Co. by Bluerock Design Co.

Czarnkow Brewery by Milena Wlodarczyk

Ant Brewery by Peter Vdovin

Sparrow Malting Co. by Dustin Myers

PERUN by Logotomia

Modist Brewery Co. by Luke Oeth

RØDDER Cerveza Artesanal by Panama Club

El Galpon de Tacuara Craft Brewery by Santi Lissarrague

Boomtown Brewery by J. Collins

Strong & Stout Brewery by Taylor Lee

Iron Bird by Alex Eiman

Fieldhouse Red by Alex Eiman

Fossil Craft Beers by Alex Eiman

Nano108 vs Alex Eiman

Wayward by Justin Owen Jackson

Dublin Brewery Co. by Srdjan Vidakovic

Saints Row Brewery by Nick Slater

Drunk Bear by Nick Slater

North Rose by Nick Slater

Adirondack Brewery by Nick Slater

Cismontane Brewing Co. by Alex Rinker

Fuego Brew Co. by Alex Rinker

32 North Brewery by Steve Wolf

Senn Bierwerks by Tad Carpenter

North Coast Brewing Co. by Taylor Goad

Bronzebeard Brewing Co. by Emir Ayouni

Pappy Slokum by Ryan Feerer

Tusk and Grain Brewery by Luke Miller

Temper by Srdjan Vidakovic

Black Hole Beer Company by David Cran

Claimstake Brewing by Steve Kulaga

Kinfolk by Brian Steely

Black Hops Brewery by Matt Vergotis

LynLake Brewery by Parker Peterson

227 Brewing Co. by Tim Praetzel

Most Wanted Brewery by Tron Burgundy

Hoots Beer Company by Airtype

Swamp Leif Branding by Michael T. Carey

Texas Trial Brewing Co. by Sunday Lounge

Fourth Ward Brewery Lounge by Matt Stevens

Wild Hog Brewery by MAISON D'IDÉE

Renegade Brewery by Colt Design Agency

Bottle Logic by Emrich Office

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