45 Doodled Portrait Illustrations in the Style of Grime Art

Grime Art is a surreal style of illustration that is popular in the worlds of Tumblr and Instagram. It’s a simply concept where portrait photographs are digitally doodled upon with drooping, cartoonish drips of slimy flesh in vibrant colours to produce weird and wonderful zombie-like images with a gross, but somehow cool effect. I’ve enjoyed discovering a variety of grime art examples on all kinds of imagery, ranging from celebrity pictures to candid photos. Check out this showcase and admire this unusual underground art style.

Crystal Castles by DealDeso

Getter Official by DelaDeso

Iggy Grime by DelaDeso

Revert Old Habits by DelaDeso

Terminator by DelaDeso

Bernie Sanders by DelaDeso

Morrissey bu DelaDeso

Not Sees by DelaDeso

Tupac by DelaDeso

OBD by DelaDeso

Old Habits Die Hard by DelaDeso

Grimme My Friends by Lucas Fogaca

Neuronal Drip by Jeremias Fahrenheit

Joker by Babylon Artist

Grime Art by Marcello Airoldi

Grime Art by Itzayana Nicte-ha Villegas Cruz

Grime 2 by Itzayana Nicte-ha Villegas Cruz

Solange Grime by Nero NDP

Grime and Friends by Nero NDP

Lorde Grime by Nero NDP

Grime Art by Tamara Soares

Grime Art by Danjo Yambaya

Zombi Art by Lidiya Yuzeeva

Grime by Expllode

Torivo by Expllode

Grime Art by Expllode

Alex Fierroo by Expllode

Ryan Cooper by Epllode

C.R.E.A.M by Iagocz

Sweet Machine by Iagocz

Cali to by Iagocz

Grime Art by Iagocz

Collab by Martingrime

Collab Con Mi Amigo by Martingrime

Jordanpizza by Martingrime

Albilsmin by Martingrime

Skrillex by Martingrime

Grime by Martingrime

Getter by Martingrime

Grime by Agucho Edits

Grime by Agucho Edits

GrimeArt by Gede Edits

GrimeArt by Gede Edits

GrimeArt by Gede Edits

GrimeArt by Gede Edits

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