40 Magnificently Morbid Art & Designs Featuring Skulls

Skulls have been used for artistic decoration right from early primitive civilisations. Whether they’re used to embellish your battle gear or the latest heavy metal album cover design, skulls are a symbol of death and evil that makes them the perfect imagery for certain aesthetics. In today’s design inspiration showcase I present 40 magnificently morbid art and illustration pieces featuring skulls, ranging from dark and distressing depictions with a horror theme to bright and colourful creations with more of a witty vibe.

Skull Island by Kacper Gilka Art

Kranys by Kacper Gilka Art

Hecho en Mexico by Pequeno Capitan

X oooo X by Sick 666 Mick

The Lords of Salem by Sick 666 Mick

The 666 End by Sick 666 Mick

Punk's Not Dead! by Christophe Starace

Pirate by Yuriy Skorohod

Skull Illustration by Anna Ivanova

Blanks Skate Deck Series by Paolo Grippa

1984 Illustration Series by Jeff Trish

Coronas Modificadas by DIYE

PGWear T-Shirt Design by DIYE

Live Fast by Ottyag Studio

Killswitch Engage by Ottyag Studio

Kingdom Album Cover by Maciej Kamuda

Major Kong Album Cover by Maciej Kamuda

Summer Breeze by Rafal Wechterowicz

Teskatlipoka by Kamila Sharipova

Right Side Brain by Timothy Magat

Shirt Projects by Timothy Magat

Shirt Projects by Timothy Magat

Shirt Projects by Timothy Magat

Iron Fist Clothing by Aleksandr Poltavskiy

Nature Skull by Wysartt

Goth Girl by Rob Israel

Swordman by Henry Zoel

Reaper by Henry Zoel

Viking Axe by Henry Zoel

Upstate Beserkers by Dan Dippel

Queens of the Stone Age by Dan Dippel

Winya No. 99 by Winya

Explore by MUTI

Fiesta De Bodas by Derrick Castle

Death Racer by Derrick Castle

Under Armour by Derrick Castle

Don't Fear The Reaper by Pale Horse Design

Reaper Lands by Christopher Lovell

Miss May by Christopher Lovell

Don't Pray For Me by Christopher Lovell

Do you feel inspired to create some morbid art with skulls of your own? Check out these useful skull themed resources:

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Anatomic Vector Skulls Pack

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