30 Vector Line Art Illustrations with Detailed Patterns & Geometric Shapes

I’ve featured the style of single-weight line art illustrations on Spoon Graphics a few times over the years. The first showcase was back in 2015, followed by a couple of tutorials showing how to create line art illustrations yourself using Adobe Illustrator. My latest tutorial on the topic a couple of weeks ago prompted me to check out how the trend has developed, so I’ve been busy putting together a fresh showcase of vector line art illustrations from a range of talented artists. See how detailed illustrations, patterns and shapes can be created using only stroked paths.

Drifting Sol by Borja Acosta de Vizcaino

Machas by Jonathan Calugi

Dave Matthews Band by Pavlov Visuals

City Piece by Fredrik Andresen

Creative Life by Markus Magnusson

Holiday Card by Krista Hansen

Personal Business Cards by Alex Monzo

Foe by Oddds The New Anthropology

Oporto by Andre Torres

Scandinavia Club by Dock 57

Mingo Lamberti by MUTI

Brilliant Clothing by Christina Lopez

Gente Que Se Casa by Daniel Gonzalez

Scout by MUTI

Old Salem by Kyle Vsetecka

Gods of the Game by Kidz

Jenn & Nate Wedding Invite by Nate Koehler

The Natural Citizen by MUTI

Surf Royale by Dario Genuardi

Harvard Mag Illustration by Jonathan Calugi


Back To the Line by Jonathan Calugi

The Great Outdoors by Warwick Kay

It's My Park Day by Marc Ferrino

Afterhours by Chris Rogge

TrailHeaDX Poster by Brian Steely

Mama's Love Sirens by Brian Steely

Punch Brothers by Brian Steely

Holiday Greeting Card by Yiwen Lu

Not So Gentle by Yiwen Lu

Concrete City by Typisch Beton

Farmacia Arte by Mundial Estudio

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