30 Inspirational Chalk Lettering Designs & Wall Murals

In this age of digital design I find the old analogue techniques of hand lettering and sign painting extraordinarily impressive. The use of traditional mediums such as chalk require real talent, which is why professional typographers are still being hired to create stunning murals in trendy cafes and restaurants. In today’s design showcase I present 30 inspirational examples of chalk lettering designs by admirable artists who use traditional techniques to create fantastic typography.

SOL Beer Chalk and Sign Painting by Jackson Alves

Lettering Collection by Scott Biersack

Miranda July Chalkboard by DANGERDUST

Freehand Chalk Lettering by Kelsy Stromski

Channel One Russia Chalk Lettering by Igor Mustaev

Chalk Wall by BMT London

Type is a Beautiful Group of Letters by Libbi Reed

Quiet Posters by Dana Tanamachi

Evernote by Dana Tanamachi

Lucille + William by Dana Tanamachi

EveryDay with Rachael Ray by Dana Tanamachi

Growing Older Chalkboard Lettering by Helena Ecija

Hand Lettering by Thomas Pena

Etsy by Erik Marinovich

EveryDay with Rachael Ray by Erik Marinovich

Starbucks Espresso Guide by Jaymie McAmmond

Chalk Shoppe Series by Russ Gray

Chalk Shoppe Series by Russ Gray

Veja Magazine Cover by Jackson Alves

Daniel Richards Chalk Lettering by Chris Yoon

Chalkboard Wine by Joel Felix

World Lecture Today by Joel Felix

Edible Magazine AD by Joel Felix

DBusiness Magazine by Joel Felix

Harry Potter - Love by Casey Ligon

We'll Always Be Royals by Casey Ligon

People Matter by Drew Melton

Trimarchi DG 2012 by Panco Sassano

Criaipos, ora pois! by Christina Pagnoncelli

Lolli and Pops Chalk Wall by Ryan Lee

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