The run up to Halloween is the perfect time to absorb some inspiration from horror films! Designers, artists and illustrators love to produce fan art for their favourite movies, and the scary film genre provides plenty of creative avenues for them to explore. In today’s showcase I present 30 freakishly good alternative movie posters and tribute art for a collection of horror movies, ranging from the popular classics to low budget productions (and a few fictional titles too!), with a variety of art styles and clever compositions.

Evil Dead 2 by Thrashed

American Werewolf by Scott Woolston

Crimson Peak by Berkay Daglar

Tales of Terror by Estevan Silveira

The Overlook by Edward J Moran

Friday the 13th by Phantom City

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Doaly

The Shining by Nikita Kaun

The Exorcist by sahinduezguen

On the Brain Key Art by Garry Marta

The Cornetto Trilogy by Garry Marta

Frankenstein by Jonathan Burton

Lazer by Zach Graham

Friday the 13th Part 7 by Graham Erwin

Lucky Jack Movie Poster by John Mata

Halloween by Casey Booth

Halloween II by Casey Booth

Halloween Horror Poster Project by Steven Andrew

I Heart Human Hearts by Aleks Ivic

The Manhattan Meathook Massacre by Aleks Ivic

I Didn't Come Here to Die Movie Poster by Anthony Petrie

CP+B Halloween Posters by Karin Schwarz

Friday The 14th - Happy Violentines Day by Yuri Shwedoff

Friday the 13th by Luca Zavattini

Scream Poster Remade by SamRAW08

Texas Chainsaw Massacre by Jason Edmiston

Lost After Dark by Justin Erickson

Hitchcock Reenvisioned by Laz Marquez

American Horror Story by TommyPocket Design

The Shining by TommyPocket Design

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