3 Python Courses: Go From Zero to Hero in Just 10 Hrs

Python is often considered to be one of the most powerful, adaptable and easy-to-learn high-level programming language for developing websites, operating system components, applications to games and so much more.

Today, companies like Amazon, Intel and Dell count on Python developers to make their business run and the Python job market is booming!

No matter your level of proficiency, here are three amazing resources to upgrade your Python knowledge and your earning potentials.

THE BASICS – Python for Beginners Course (4 Hrs)

In this basic Python course, you will learn useful programming fundamentals while getting up to momentum with one of the powerful languages in existence.

  • Implement Python debugging strategies.
  • Create, sort and modify Python lists.
  • Learn Python data types and perfectly use code commenting.
  • Perform arithmetic operations in Python.

INTERMEDIATE – Mastering Python Course (3 Hrs)

In the intermediate Python course, you will learn how to set up your own development environment, learn python syntax, and much more. You will soon came to know why coders at startups like Dropbox depend on Python, because it ease the process of developing and iterating upon application is a slice of cake.

  • Execute unit testing to write better code, faster.
  • Develop tools and utility programs and write code to automate.
  • Create Python packages to efficiently create reusable code.
  • Distribute computation tasks across multiple processors.

EXPERT LEVEL – Python Machine Learning Course (3 Hrs)

In this expert level Python course, you will be presented to a unique combine of projects that will guide you what machine learning is all about and how you can use Python to develop machine learning projects.

    • Apply different machine learning algorithms.
    • Master Python’s packages and libraries to facilitate computation.
    • Understand classification, regression, and clustering.
    • Execute your own machine learning models.
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