Mockup templates of sketchbooks and notepads are useful tools to show off your artwork or design concepts in a much more presentable way than simply uploading a flat scan of your drawings. These free PSD templates allow you to paste in your boring scans to have them automatically scaled and positioned to fit within the neatly arranged sketchbook page with remarkable realism. They’re perfect for showcasing the concept sketches and ideas behind your logo design process to give a full case study in your portfolio, or for giving your digitally created doodles and illustrations more of a hand crafted appearance.

Sketchbook and Coffee Cup Mockup

Notepad PSD Mockup

Old Book Mockup

Realistic Sketchbook Mockup

Free Old Photo Mockup

Sketchbook MockUps PSD

Sketchbook MockUp PSD

Art Book MockUp PSD

Sketch Book Mockup PSD

Hand-Drawn Sketch Mock-Up

Hand Drawn Sketch Mock-Ups

Watercolor Sketch Mock-Up

Notebook Mockup

Free Sketchbook Mockup PSD

Notebook Mockup

Notebook Mockup

Notebook Mockup

Sketch Book Mock Up

Free Sketchbook Mock-Up PSD

The following design resources are available for free, but access is restricted in some way by requiring a user registration, subscription to a mailing list or a share on social media to unlock the download link.

FREE Vintage Poster Mockup

Sketchbook Mockup

Free Demo Hand Drawn Sketch Mock Up

Free Drawing Sketch Pad Mockup

Spiral Book Mockup

Free Notebook Mockup With Movable Elements

Want more? Check out these great mockup template products

The following resources cost a little money, but I definitely recommend checking these high quality sketch book mockup products out.

Sketch Book Mockups

Hand Drawn Sketch Mock Up Pack

Artist Sketch Book Mockup

50 Notebooks Mockups

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