25 First-Rate Nautical & Sailor Themed Art and Illustrations

I find nautical themed artwork so interesting because there’s a whole load of history that provides a foundation upon which these artworks are based, from the imagery of historic ships and equipment associated with sailing, to the mythical creatures and popular sayings from the sea. There’s also historic ties to some of the visual styles used too, such as the art of vintage sailor tattoos. In today’s inspiration showcase I present 25 first-rate nautical themed designs and illustrations that feature imagery relating to ships, sailors and the sea.

Anchor Deep by Yondr Studio

The Kraken Battle by Derrick Castle

Caviar by Olga Vasik

Harbor Tattoo Gallery by Mike Arthurholtz

Sailor Jerry by T Wei

Sailor Tattoo Shirt Designs by Sebastian Mellen

Bukowski by Yeaaah! Studio

Destroyer by Yuriy Skorohod

The Deep Dark Sea by Joshua Noom

A Great Ship by Joshua Noom

Octopus by Tyler Champion

Tierra A La Vista by Angga Tantama

The Last Battle by Deni Rizkito

ABIME by Mr Deka

Sailor Spirit by Michael Hinkle

A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skillful Sailor by Amber Stanton

Mingo Lamberti by MUTI

The Old Captain by Andy Paneque

Down The Hatch by Alexandra Snowdon

So Row, You Bastards by Clement Masson

Seadog by Philip

True Love by Alex Wezta

Odessa Mother Coast by Tur Dmitry

Miglia Felici by Tur Dmitry

Prayer for the Seafarer by Michael Hinkle

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