Month: September 2020

8 Ways to Secure Your WordPress Login

The WordPress login URL is the same for every WordPress site, and it doesn’t require any special permissions to access. Anyone with any experience working with WordPress knows the login URL is located on the

How to Monitor PHP Error Logs in WordPress and cPanel

PHP error logs are one of the most useful tools for diagnosing web hosting issues. It’s often difficult to find the cause of unexpected behavior in WordPress® and other PHP applications. PHP error logs, including


VMworld 2020: All of Our EUC Announcements, Themes & Everything Else You Need to Know

Sep 29, 2020 Author: Shawn Bass Shawn Bass is VP and CTO of VMware End-User Computing. Share This Post On I am excited to join all of you for another edition of VMworld! Today, I


13 Best Photo Image Editors for Linux

In this article, I have reviewed of some the best photo editing software available on different Linux distributions. These are not the only photo editors available but are among the best and commonly used by


VMworld 2020 – Top Cloud Provider Sessions

VMworld is this week! While I am sad I cannot see many of you in person, I wanted to spend some time to review a few sessions that are rather pertinent for our global cloud


How to Add or Remove a User from a Group in Linux

Linux is by default a multi-user system (meaning many users can connect to it simultaneously and work), thus user management is one of the fundamental tasks of a system administrator. User management includes everything from


VMware Design Studio Looking For Security Feedback

Hey vSphere fans, just a few days to go until VMworld 2020. Over 100,000 people have signed up which is absolutely wonderful. If you’ve ever used a VMware product and thought “I really wish this


Launching the European AI Fund

Right now, we’re in the early stages of the next phase of computing: AI. First we had the desktop. Then the internet. And smartphones. Increasingly, we’re living in a world where computing is built around


What is PHP and Why it is Used?

PHP is a server-side scripting language used for the development of web applications, dynamic websites and static websites. PHP was originally an abbreviation for “personal home pages” but has since been changed to “hypertext pre-processor.”


Troubleshooting High Server Loads

One of the more ambiguous, but oft-seen, errors resulting in support tickets is related to high server loads. While high server load errors are virtually never caused by the cPanel software itself or the apps it installs, these errors can