Month: July 2020

How To Fix “Error Establishing a Database Connection” in WordPress

The “Error establishing a database connection” message strikes fear in a WordPress users heart, prompting many a panicked support request. You try to load a page, but all you see is a white box with

Wandera enriches VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network to enable Unified Security for Enterprises

VMware’s Workspace ONE Trust Network was conceptualized around the core idea of bringing best of breed security solutions together to give customers a comprehensive security solution without any compromise. Today, we are excited to announce


Apple Introduces Big Upgrades for the Enterprise at WWDC 2020

Usually a jam-packed, in-person event, Apple held its first virtual Worldwide Developers Conference this year, June 22-26, from their headquarters in Cupertino, CA.  As usual, we at VMware have a summary of the most important


Top 3 Open-Source Cross-Distribution Package Management Systems for Linux

Package management or software installation on Linux systems can be very puzzling especially for newbies (new Linux users), as different Linux distributions use different traditional package management systems. The most confusing part of it all


Malware Scanners for cPanel: Keeping Your Server Safe

The web is awash with malware, and, as anyone who administers websites knows, web servers are a prime target. Malware criminals absolutely love web hosting servers because they have exploitable network resources, they attract lots


Open Source Software: Hearts, Minds, and Acquisitions

In the past decade, Open Source Software has become a legitimized business model and has taken the world by storm. What started back in the 1980s as a free software initiative has grown into massive volunteer communities


How to Protect Your WordPress Site from Brute Force Attacks

Brute force attacks are a real and very scary threat for WordPress users. If someone else manages to figure out your username and password, your site could be defaced or have all its content wiped


The Mom Project raises $25M for its job site aimed at women returning to work

Women have long had the short end of the stick when it comes to employment, regularly finding themselves struggling to break through the glass ceiling for promotions and on average getting paid less than their