Month: December 2019

4 Ways to Customize Your WordPress Admin Dashboard (To Benefit You and Your Clients)

When you’re creating WordPress sites for clients, it’s important to keep their experiences in mind. Crowded dashboards can often be confusing. Plus, chances are your clients don’t need access to all the functionality you use.

Google Site Kit Review – Improve Your WordPress Site Hassle-free

If you own a WordPress site (and why else would you be here), chances are good that it is connected to at least one Google product. To check on your traffic and SEO efforts, this


5 Causes of a Slow WordPress Site (And How to Fix Them)

Your site’s speed plays a major role in its performance, and therefore its success. WordPress sites with slow loading and response times are not only frustrating; they can also hurt your business. The trick lies


Updating Old Content: The Secret SEO Weapon You Are Not Using

Do you ever ask yourself what to do with old blog posts? It often seems like most people solely focus on creating new stuff, however, updating old content and refreshing existing pages is another great


Social Media Marketing Tools : The top 5 social media marketing tools to boost your campaigns

No matter what you do – if you are a marketeer, a product owner, a local business, affiliate marketeer or have an online ecommerce business social media marketing tools can enhance your posts when used


News from Firefox on Mobile, Private Network and Desktop

As the year comes to a close, we look back at what we’ve accomplished. As recently noted in the press, this year may be the mark of our privacy-renaissance. We’ve built additional privacy protections in


6 Professional Development Resources for WordPress

No matter what job you have, there is always room for improvement. This is particularly true for WordPress professionals. Web development and design are constantly-changing fields, and the second you learn one method of doing


How to Create a Custom WordPress Website with Gutenberg Block

It has now been a year since WordPress released its new Gutenberg Editor and it has now matured enough to become a very handy way to design and build your websites. Gutenberg has now overcome


6 Things to know about Keyword research for website and social media and what you need to know

I uncover how keywords are identified by search engines and 6 things you should know about using keywords on your digital platforms. To register for the Social Media Playbook course here: or to find


Google Search Algorithms: Why they are important for your business and why you should care

Google search is a powerful tool and the internet is a massive place. Google helps you find what you are searching for. That’s why I uncover Google search algorithms and why they’re important for your