Month: August 2019

MIT’s autonomous boat robots can now shapeshift to form new structures

Work continues on developing MIT’s fully autonomous robot boats – ‘roboats’ if you’d rather – and now they have a new trick, allowing them to change configurations and reassemble with one another to form a range of new structures. When...

/ 30 August 2019

An Ode to Excel: 34 Years of Magic

In an age where “software is eating the world”, what can we learn from the tool that has withstood the test of time? This piece illustrates how the fundamentals behind Excel can be used to envision the next wave of...

/ 26 August 2019

How to Reset Your WordPress Password

Need to reset your WordPress password? Don’t worry. There are several ways to reset your WordPress password. Use the Lost Your Password Link to Rest Your WordPress Password The default WordPress login page of your WordPress website includes a Lost...

/ 23 August 2019

Showcase of Majestic Designs That Feature Illustrations of Eagles

The eagle is commonly used as a symbol within coats of arms, sigils and historic heraldry. Perhaps the most prominent modern usage is its depiction as the emblem of the United States of America, appearing in various imagery to represent...

/ 19 August 2019

WordPress Not Sending Email? Here’s How to Fix WordPress Email Issues

Is WordPress not sending emails? Or are the emails your WordPress site sends getting flagged as spam? In this post, we’ll cover how to fix both issues related to WordPress email deliverability. We’ll explain why WordPress email problems frequently happen...

/ 18 August 2019

The Extra Features of Adobe CC You Might Not Be Aware Of

Adobe Creative Cloud is the industry-standard collection of design software many of us have routinely renewed every year to acquire the applications we rely on in our day to day design projects. Creative Cloud plans offer much more than just...

/ 16 August 2019

How tech is transforming the intelligence industry

Shay Hershkovitz Contributor Shay Hershkovitz is a Senior Research Fellow at The Intelligence Methodology Research Center (IMRC). At a conference on the future challenges of intelligence organizations held in 2018, former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats argued that he...

/ 11 August 2019

Plugin Roundup – August 2019

In this post, we recap the best WordPress plugins that were added or updated within the last 30 days on the WordPress Plugin Directory. 1. Disable Emails Disable Emails Stop a WordPress website from sending any emails using the standard...

/ 9 August 2019

WordPress for Startups – 10 Amazing Features That Make It an Ideal Solution (2019)

Is WordPress the right platform for your startup site? In the process of searching for the perfect CMS for your startup company, you might have asked yourself that very same question. The decision what system to base the website of...

/ 8 August 2019

Google is shutting down its Trips app

Google is shutting down its Trips app for mobile phones, but incorporating many of the functionality from the service into its Maps app and Search features, according to a statement from the company. Support for the Trips app ends today,...

/ 6 August 2019